Follow These Tutorials To Use WhatsApp On PC (Windows & macOS)

By nagib

PUBLISHED 12:52 pm GMT+0700 Sun April 2021

If we use the WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web applications, then there must be an active cellphone with WhatsApp installed. If the cellphone is powered off, then WhatsApp desktop cannot log in.

The advantage using the official desktop version of WhatsApp may be its lightness, so friends who have low laptop specs can continue to use it without problems.

Please choose which method the best for you, just adjust it as needed. Let’s get start the tutorial, below I will provide a tutorial on how to use WhatsApp on PCs and Laptops for both Windows and macOS users.

1. Using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web On Computer

The first way to use WhatsApp on a PC and laptop is to use the WhatsApp Web feature. In this way we don’t need to install any additional applications, just access it via the browser.

For Windows 7 users, this method is the best way to use WhatsApp on a PC or laptop because you don’t need to install the WhatsApp Desktop application, which currently doesn’t support Windows 7.

How to open WhatsApp Web:

  • Open the WhatsApp Web page using a browser on a laptop:
  • On a smartphone, also open the WhatsApp application then tap the menu icon (⋮) in the upper right corner.
  • Select WhatsApp Web> tap the + icon
  • Later the barcode scan feature will appear. Point the camera at the WhatsApp Web page where the login barcode is located. WhatsApp Web will automatically log in after the barcode is successfully scanned.

The advantages of using WhatsApp Web:

  • Lighter
  • No need to install additional applications
  • Can be accessed anywhere, such as an office computer, internet cafe, or borrow a friend’s laptop because you don’t need to install applications anymore
  • Can be used on all OS, whether Windows, macOS, or Linux.
  • Can be used even your phone is in long distance, you can use web version of WhatsApp from office while your phone is left in the house, as long as you are signed in and the phone is active.


  • Your smartphone must always be active
  • You have to log in with a barcode scan, if you previouly sign out

2. Using the WhatsApp Desktop application

The second way to open WhatsApp on PC and laptop is to install the WhatsApp Desktop application. In this way we don’t need to log in every time we open an application such as on WhatsApp Web, just log in once and then it will automatically log in every time it is opened, the cellphone must be always on.

Currently the WhatsApp Desktop application is available for Windows 8 and above and macOS

How to open WhatsApp on a laptop with the WhatsApp Desktop application:

  • Download and install the latest WhatsApp Desktop here:
  • When finished installing, run the application, then the barcode page will appear.
  • On a smartphone, open the WhatsApp application then tap on the menu (⋮) in the upper right corner.
  • Select WhatsApp Web> tap on the + icon
  • The scanner camera will appear, point at the barcode in the application.
  • WhatsApp will automatically log in.

So that WhatsApp on the laptop remains logged in, we must activate the Keep me signed in feature before scanning the barcode.
WhatsApp Web On Computer
If this feature is checked, then we no longer need to scan the barcode to log in every time the application is opened. This method is more practical and simpler, it also saves time.

3. Using WhatsApp Desktop from the Microsoft Store

WhatsApp Desktop

For Windows 10 users, I recommend using WhatsApp Desktop which is obtained from the Microsoft Store.


Because the native apps from Windows 10 are usually lighter, and in fact have proven to be lighter. I myself use the WhatsApp Desktop application from the Microsoft Store.

To install it, just open the Microsoft Store, then search for “WhatsApp Desktop“. Install as usual. To log in, the method is the same as above.

4. Open WhatsApp on PCs and laptops without cellphones with an emulator

In order to open WhatsApp on a laptop without using a cellphone we need an Android emulator application. In this way we only need a cellphone number to register, then it can be used without having an active cellphone.

There are many choices of Android emulators that you can use, in the previous post I have discussed the best Android emulators that are widely used today. Please read in this post:

  • 5 Best Lightest Android Emulators for PCs and Laptops (Update 2019)
  • 3 Lightweight Android Emulators For 1GB Ram

Using WhatsApp on a PC without a cellphone with an Android emulator is the same as usual (like using WA on a smartphone). First we have to first install the WhatsApp application on the Playstore. After that, log in using the number you want to use.

The advantages of this method:

  • Can open WA without a cellphone
  • Can log in many WA accounts on one pc or laptop.


  • Must install emulator
  • Possible bugs
  • Cannot be used on processors that do not support virtualization.

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