How To Transfer WhatsApp Media Files to External Memory

By nagib

PUBLISHED 2:25 pm GMT+0700 Sun April 2021

Moving WhatsApp to an external memory or SD card is indeed a pretty helpful trick. As you know, the size of the media files downloaded from WhatsApp to the internal memory of the cellphone will be getting bigger day by day.

As a result, the free memory capacity for other applications is very limited. It can even make memory full and can’t install other applications.

Therefore, the only way to free up internal memory space for these WhatsApp media files is to move them to an SD card.

The problem is that until now WhatsApp itself doesn’t support storing media files on the SD Card, this has been explained on their official website:

For now, moving WhatsApp to memory card (SD card) is not possible. We are working to increase the size and memory usage of our application. In the meantime, if you need to free up space for WhatsApp, we recommend moving your apps and other media files to the SD card.

But take it easy, in every limitation there will always be tricks to outsmart it. On this occasion I will share a trick on how to easily move WhatsApp to an external memory card (SD Card).

How to transfer WhatsApp Media Files to External Memory

The following are the three most accurate ways to transfer WhatsApp media files to external memory, pick one that you like.

1. Using the FolderMount (ROOT) application

The first method can be done by using a folder mounting application called FolderMount. This application can create folders that are in the internal memory mounted on external memory.

With this application it allows WhatsApp to keep reading the storage folder in the internal memory when in fact the data will be stored on the external memory.

To use this application our smartphone must be rooted. Immediately, here’s how to move WhatsApp to external memory using the FolderMount application:

Download and install the FolderMount application from the Playstore

Once installed, open the application. On the List of pairs menu, select the + icon in the right corner.

List Of Pairs WhatsApp

Later the pair folder settings menu will appear as shown below:

WhatsApp External

  1. The Name section contains the desired folder name. In this tutorial I named it with the name WhatsApp External.
  2. Tap on the Source section then select the WhatsApp media folder on the internal memory. The default location for WA in internal memory is usually / storage / emulated / 0 / WhatsApp / Media.
  3. Tap on the Destination section then select a location on the external memory / SD card where we will save the WhatsApp file later.
  4. The Exclude from media scan section can be activated or left inactive. This feature if activated functions to prevent duplicate thumbnails from appearing in the gallery if the old WA files in the internal memory are not deleted.
  5. Tap on the check mark in the top right corner. Done. Then WhatsApp will automatically save files both images, photos, videos, audios, and other files on our external memory.

2. Change the WhatsApp install location to external memory using APK Editor

How to change Whatsapp storage to external memory can also be done by changing the application install location to the SD card. You can do this trick with the help of the APK Editor.

APK Editor allows us to modify android applications easily. Even ordinary people who don’t understand programming languages ​​can do it. What is modified is the Apk file, so later WA must be reinstalled using the modified Apk.

In order to save Whatsapp media on the memory card, we only need to modify the default install location from internal to external memory. Here are the steps:

Download the WhatsApp Apk file which will be modified later.

Download WhatsApp Apk

Install the latest APK Editor. The APK Editor application can be downloaded from the following link:

Download APK Editor

When finished installing, run the application. Later the main menu will appear. Immediately, select the Select an Apk File menu.

APK Editor

Select the WA Apk file that was downloaded earlier.

WhatsApp Messenger Backup File

After selecting the Apk WA file to edit, a pop-up window will appear. Immediately, select Common Edit.

Common Edit

Through this common edit feature, there are several things that can be modified, starting from the launcher icon, package name, to the default installation location. The other part we leave it as is, which needs to be changed only in the Install Location section.

Tap on the Install Location section then select Prefer External .

Save WhatsApp Backup On External SD Card

Select save, then close the APK Editor. Try installing the modified WhatsApp application. If successful, WA will be installed on an external memory / SD card. WA media files such as images, photos, videos, and documents will also automatically be downloaded to external memory.

3. How to save WhatsApp media on a memory card without root (manual method)

If you feel uncomfortable rooting your cellphone, you can still move WhatsApp media files manually to the SD card. This method is quite helpful to free up space in the internal memory which is full because it stores too many photos or videos from WA.

If the cellphone is not rooted we only have limited access, so moving the WA storage location so that every media file is automatically saved to external memory cannot be done. Hopefully there will be an official update from WhatsApp which allows the option of saving media files on an external memory card.

Alright, to move WhatsApp media to a memory card without root you can do the following:

Install the file explorer application, you can also use the default application. Open the file explorer application, create a folder with the name WhatsApp on the SD Card. Enter the internal memory, cut the media folder in the WhatsApp> Media directory . Paste it on the SD card. Done.

WhatsApp File Media Backup

As an alternative, we can also move WA media files that are too bloated to a laptop or PC. The method is the same as moving regular files. Plug in the cellphone, cut the WhatsApp media folder and paste it on the laptop. This method is quite helpful for making a backup file if there is something with our cellphone later.

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