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Tips To Find Out Whether Your WhatsApp Is Tapped

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging application and is used by more than one billion people in many countries around the world. In Indonesia itself, this application owned by Facebook is the most widely used among other messaging applications.

There are many things that make people happy to use WhatsApp to stay connected with each other. First, the app is free to use and has no ads at all.

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Even though WhatsApp was rumored that WhatsApp will become a paid chat service, but it turns out that the news is just a hoax. WhatsApp is reportedly going to stay free and no ads.

Second, WhatsApp is easy to use because it has a user-friendly interface. To be able to use WhatsApp, users only need to be connected to the internet network.

WhatsApp uses your phone’s internet connection (4G / 3G / 2G / EDGE or Wi-Fi, if available) to send and receive messages.

Third, users will not be bothered with PINs and the like. That’s because a WhatsApp account is registered based on the user’s mobile number.


As long as the phone number is stored in the phone’s contact list, people can directly connect to their family or friend in WhatsApp.

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Among the features that WhatsApp offers, one that users like is end-to-end encryption. With this feature, messages sent via WhatsApp can only be accessed by the sender and recipient. Thus, sending messages with WhatsApp will always be safe.


Is WhatsApp Really Safe?

Is WhatsApp Really Safe?
Is WhatsApp Really Safe?

In May 2019, WhatsApp had a security vulnerability that allowed it to be infiltrated by spyware. The existence of such system vulnerabilities allows hackers to be able to access not only user profiles, but their entire phone.

Luckily WhatsApp was quick to respond and developed updates to protect its users. Then, are there steps that users can take to prevent their WhatsApp account from being hacked? Of course. The following steps can be applied to secure WhatsApp account.

  • Always update the WhatsApp application because in every update there are new features including matters relating to user security and protection.
  • Use a third-party lock application because WhatsApp is not equipped with a lock feature. With this application, users can set a pattern to unlock the WhatsApp screen. Choose a reputable and trusted third-party lock app.
  • Always logging out after using WhatsApp on your phone and on the web can actually help secure your WhatsApp account. That’s because WhatsApp will send a notification when someone tries to log in or log in. However, this case (especially logging out of the WhatsApp application on the cellphone) is quite inconvenient for some people. So, this step can be an option. But you should always log out after using WhatsApp Web.
  • Implement two-factor authentication as this creates a difficult barrier for hackers to break through.
  • Avoid leaving your phone unattended when going out.
  • Avoid connecting your phone to unknown WiFi connections as hackers can also use a unique MAC address to access all WhatsApp chats.
  • If at any time your WhatsApp account is hacked, immediately deactivate your account by sending an email to . Your account will be automatically deleted if it is not accessed for 30 days.

How to know WA is hacked or bugged

Although WhatsApp continues to update their security system, it is not impossible that hackers have conquered and managed to break into it. Here is how to find out a hacked WhatsApp account.

1. Can’t Login

Can't Login WhatsApp Account
Can’t Login WhatsApp Account

As is known, the WhatsApp application cannot be used on two or more different devices at the same time. So if you can’t log into your WhatsApp account or you can’t make calls with WhatsApp, then there’s a possibility that someone else is using the account (your number is registered on a different device).

2. Something Awkward with WhatsApp Web

Something Awkward with WhatsApp Web
Something Awkward with WhatsApp Web / *Source:

WhatsApp Web is a WhatsApp feature that allows you to run WhatsApp via the web. This is a very useful feature, especially for online business people. However, WhatsApp Web is one of the entry points for hackers or eavesdroppers to view and monitor all your WhatsApp activity.

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If you feel something is wrong with WhatsApp Web activity, you can check it by opening the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the WhatsApp window, then going to WhatsApp Web and checking the list of all open sessions. This allows you to be able to see all the devices connected to your WhatsApp.

3. Number Cannot Be Verified

Phone Number Cannot Be Verified
Phone Number Cannot Be Verified

If you see the message “This phone could not be verified” , it means that your WhatsApp has also been accessed by an unknown device. However, WhatsApp provides steps to resolve if you experience problems in the verification process, which are as follows.

  • Restart your phone (turn it off, wait 30 seconds then turn it back on).
  • Delete and reinstall the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • To check your phone’s connection, send a test SMS message from any cell phone to the phone number you’re trying to verify (enter the same phone number you entered on WhatsApp, including country code).

Please be aware that there are third-party tools available on the web that can be used by hackers to sniff your WhatsApp conversations. You can apply the tips above to prevent your WhatsApp from being hacked.

4. Something Is Suspicious About Messaging Activities

Something Is Suspicious About Messaging Activities
Something Is Suspicious About Messaging Activities / *source:

If you feel you haven’t opened or read the new message that came in but the two check marks have turned blue (meaning the message has been viewed and read), then it could be a sign that your WhatsApp has been tapped by someone else.

Users who do not activate the blue double tick feature can even know if their WhatsApp is being tapped. It can be found by disappearing notification numbers on each new message that comes in, even though the message has not been opened at all.

Another sign that your WhatsApp has been bugged is having messages sent when you never did. If you find something like this, it could be that your WhatsApp is being bugged by someone else.

Well, those are some tips to find out whether your WhatsApp has been hacked or bugged. Even if your WhatsApp is not hacked, you should implement all the steps we recommend in this article to protect it from attacks by malicious parties who want to steal from you or have malicious intension.

But be aware that no account is 100% safe from hackers. Even so, you can still take precautions with the best available tips.

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