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PUBLISHED 2:14 pm GMT+0700 Fri April 2021

How to download on SoundCloud musics and songs – SoundCloud is a music social media platform or network that is often used for music promotion, music collaboration and online music sharing. This platform has been widely used by musicians from around the world for their musical interests.

In the SoundCloud users are divided into two categories, namely content creators and listeners. And certainly most of the users are listeners, like we are, that is, we only enjoy the music content that is shared by the content creators we like.

And I have found there are many questions about how to download music or songs on SoundCloud so that we can listen to it offline. This article will discuss how to download songs on SoundCloud for free.

What benefits can you get from reading this article? Here are some useful points from this article on how to download SoundCloud.

  • How to download songs on SoundCloud for free.
  • How to download SoundCloud songs legally and officially.
  • Download SoundCloud via third-party.
  • Tips for listening to music on SoundCloud without breaking the law.

2 Ways to Download Free and Easy SoundCloud Songs

There are two ways to download SoundCloud’s musics that will share here for those of you who want to download your favorite song or music on SoundCloud.

We will explain in detail the two methods in the SoundCloud download points below. Read on until the end of the article and here’s the first method.

1. How to Download SoundCloud on the Official Site

SoundCloud provides a download feature on its official website and this action is both legal and copyright-free. But what you need to remember is that not all content creators provide this feature to their followers.

However, there are also content creators who activate this feature and you can download all of their works freely and legally. Here’s how to download songs on SoundCloud officially and legally directly on the page of your favorite artist:

  1. Open the SoundCloud site.
  2. Then open the artist page that you like. For example Savfk (I love his instruments) and open the track or song you want to download. This nice guy sets all his works available for copyright and royalty free.
    Download Musics Songs SoundCloud

That’s an easy way to download SoundCloud directly from the official website and of course this action is legal because the artist allows his work to be downloaded for free. Not all artists there set their works free to download, many require you to pay for downloads.

2. Download SoundCloud via Third Party Sites

Unlike the method above, this method is not completely legal. Because, the download SoundCloud process uses the help of a third party and you can freely download SoundCloud songs even though your favorite artist or content creator doesn’t allow the work to be downloaded.

But if you want to download any way, then you can with the help of the SoundCloud Downloader site. Here’s how to download SoundCloud songs with the help of third parties:

  1. Open the SCloudDownloader site .
  2. Copy the url / link of the music you want to download from the official SoundCloud site. For example: Then paste the link into the download box on the third-party site above.
  3. Press the Download button then you will be directed to the download page and click the Download Track button (file in the form of .MP3).

Download SoundCloud Music Sound SoundCloud Downloader

IMPORTANT: Use this method at your own responsibility. We recommend that you use this method for your own personal use, not for commercial use.

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What You Should Look For Before Downloading on SoundCloud

Below we will review some of the things you should pay attention to before downloading songs on the SoundCloud platform. Read in full below.

Why Does SoundCloud No Download Button?

Because, the content creator does not activate the download feature on the track . Even though SoundCloud provides this feature, the artist has the right to activate or deactivate this feature.

Tips for Downloading Songs on SoundCloud

Here are some tips that you should know before downloading songs on SoundCloud:

1. Downloadable Tracks and Legit

Well, these tips are very important for legality. If you want to download tracks on this platform, note that you should only download downloadable songs. What does downloadable mean? This means the track that the artist has allowed to download freely.

2. Download the SoundCloud for Mobile Application

If you want to listen to music on SoundCloud via mobile, you can immediately download and install the mobile application for this platform, which is available for Android and iOS. Please download SoundCloud for Android and SoundCloud for iOS.

3. Personal Use and Commercial Use

Well, this is also an important point in these tips. Maybe if you download SoundCloud tracks via third-party for personal use or personal use, then please download them with the responsibility on your side. But for commercial use or commercial use, then it will be illegal if the artist doesn’t allow their work for you to download.

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With the SoundCloud platform, there are more places to create and channel creativity for the music section. Everyone is free to work on this music platform.

However, to download SoundCloud songs legally, we recommend that you just follow the first method, friends.

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