Solution If WhatsApp Cannot Open Camera

By nagib

PUBLISHED 8:52 pm GMT+0700 Mon April 2021

We often use the camera button on WhatsApp to send proof of transfer photos, selfies at meeting spots, and to send other photos quickly. This button actually functions to take photos directly from WhatsApp and send them via chat.

The problem is that sometimes an error occurs in the WhatsApp application which causes the photo button cannot be clicked so that WhatsApp cannot open the camera. When we press the camera button there is no response and the camera won’t open.

Usually an error message will appear like this: Can’t start camera, please restart your phone or unfortunately the camera has stopped , etc.

This can happen because the camera application is corrupt, deleted, or there is even a problem with the WhatsApp application. To overcome this error, there are several solutions from that can be tried.

1. Restart the cellphone

Sometimes we can solve various problems on Android phones in the simplest way, restart! We don’t have to try things before trying to restart the cellphone.

Sometimes programs on Android need to be reloaded so that they can run normally again, as well as the problem with WhatsApp not being able to open this camera.

Try restarting your cellphone first and try again to open the camera on WhatsApp, is it possible. If it can mean the problem is over, and we can use the camera button on WhatsApp to send photos again.

This means there are no serious crashes or app crashes requiring advanced solutions. But if you still can’t, try the next tips below again.

2. Check WhatsApp permission

When the camera button on WhatsAp cannot be pressed (when pressed there is no response) or an error message appears and the camera does not open, maybe the reason is that the permission has not been given to the WhatsApp application to access the camera.

When you first install WhatsApp it will ask for access to the camera on our cellphone, now this access may be due to some change and WhatsApp is blocked from accessing the camera on the cellphone.

The solution is to double-check whether WhatsApp’s permissions for the camera are still on or maybe it’s been turned off. You do this by going to:

Settings> Apps> WhatsApp> Permissions

In the App permissions menu, you will see the access permissions that WhatsApp has on our cellphones. There are permissions for Camera, make sure that section is turned on.

Solution If WhatsApp Cannot Open Camera

After making sure WhatsApp has permission to our cellphone camera, try again using the take photo button on WhatsApp, can you open the camera? If not, continue to the next solution.

3. Update the WhatsApp application

The solution to overcoming WhatsApp cannot open the camera which is next is updating the application. Try checking the WhatsApp version installed on the cellphone, whether it has been updated to the latest version.

If you haven’t tried updating via Playstore first, the size isn’t too big so it won’t run out of quota. After the update is complete, try again to open the application then open the camera, can it be used to take photos?

Usually, if the Android application including WhatsApp is never updated and the version is too far behind, there will be a bug that causes errors such as being unable to send voice messages , or opening pdf files. Now, by updating, maybe the problem can be lost.

4. Clear camera cache

The problem with WhatsApp not being able to open the camera can also be caused by a bad cache from the camera application on our cellphone. To overcome this, the solution is to clean the cache file.

How to get into:

Settings> Apps> Camera> Sotrage> Clear cache.

After that, try again to open the WhatsApp camera button to take a photo. Usually this method will work if the cause is due to a bad cache.

5. Fresh install the WhatsApp application

The final solution if none of the above works is to reinstall the WhatsApp application. But before reinstalling, don’t forget to backup all existing chats so that they can be restored later.

Here’s how:

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After making a backup, delete the WhatsApp application from the cellphone. After that, clear the cellphone with a cleaner application to clean all existing junk and cache files.

Open the Playstore and download the latest version of the WhatsApp application, then log in with the same cellphone number. Don’t forget to restore WhatsApp chat so that all existing messages are back to normal. Good luck this time. Good luck!

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