Samsung’s Find My Mobile, Can Find a Stolen Smartphone

By nagib

PUBLISHED 8:24 am GMT+0700 Sat February 2021

A thread on Twitter caught the attention of netizens. The account creator of the thread tells of his experience on rediscovering a Samsung smartphone that was taken by someone else.

In the story, the account tells the story of his father, as the owner of a smartphone, using the Find My Mobile feature, which is built into Samsung devices .

As the name implies, this feature allows users to search for their lost devices. Currently, the Find My Mobile feature can be accessed via the Settings menu on Samsung devices .

But to be able to use it, users must first have a Samsung account and activate this feature on their device. After that, users can immediately use it to track their lost device.

The Find My Mobile service itself has several features, one of which is sending the user’s device’s last location. In this way, the user can find out where the location of the device can be found.

To remotely secure a lost device, users can also lock the screen, so that it cannot be misused by others.

Apart from the screen, users can also lock the power button and the Samsung Pay application. Please note, all of these functions can be accessed via Samsung’s Find My Mobile website.

If you have found the location of the device, users can use Find My Mobile to turn on the ringtone for the Samsung device they are looking for.

Ringtones that are issued are immediately set to the maximum volume for one minute for easy searching.

Can Be Active Even Offline

Samsung Find My Phone Can Be Active Offline
Samsung Find My Phone Can Be Active Offline

Samsung has also updated the capabilities of the Find My Mobile service, so that users can still find out the location of the device even if it is not connected to the internet.

However, to do so, users must first activate the Offline Finding feature in Find My Mobile.

According to an explanation from the official Samsung website, this offline search feature makes use of other Galaxy devices around the smartphone that is being searched for.

Later, the other device will serve as a helper by sending a signal to a server that shares the location of the smartphone that is being searched.

This method can not only be used to find a lost tablet or smartphone. Users can also use it to find Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds.

Unlocking the Screen

Unlocking the Screen
Unlocking the Screen

In addition to help users finding their lost Samsung devices, Find My Mobile can also be used by users who forget their device keys, including PIN, password, and fingerprints and iris.

Users only need to reset the screen lock by accessing the Find My Mobile website. However, please note, by resetting the lock screen, the PIN data, passwords, fingerprints and iris on the device will be erased.

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