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2 Ways to Reset OBS Studio to Default Settings

If you like creating tutorial videos to upload on YouTube and you also like interacting with your audience in real time, you may be familiar with the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio application.

OBS Studio is a free and open source application for video recording and live streaming that can be installed on Windows, macOS and Linux platforms. You can download and use this application freely without being bound by a paid license.

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OBS Studio itself is easy to use. Although there are quite a lot of settings that need to be done to suit your needs, actually the default settings of OBS Studio are already enough to do live streaming.

However, to get better video results and during the live streaming process, you need to make your own settings according to computer specifications and supporting hardware.

For novice users of OBS Studio, it is not easy to find the right settings. You need to try many times. Settings that you may follow from video tutorials or blogs, may not be appropriate to apply because of different computer specifications and supporting hardware. This will be a challenge and it will take some time for you to find the right settings.

One thing that many novice OBS Studio users will definitely experience is that they are confused when they want to return to the original settings or to default settings after making many changes here and there.


After making many settings changes in OBS Studio, you feel like you still haven’t found the right settings and want to start over from scratch. For this, you need to reset OBS Studio to initial settings or default settings.

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Actually, how to reset OBS Studio to the initial settings (default setting) is quite easy. Reset OBS Studio can be done by deleting all files and folders located in the obs-studio.


Once removed, OBS Studio will be opened or run as when you first finished installing this application. Folders obs-studiocan be found easily via the menu in the OBS Studio app itself or via Windows’ built-in File Explorer.

The following is how to reset OBS Studio to default settings or return OBS Studio to the initial settings as when it was first installed.

1. Through the OBS Studio application.

Open or run the OBS Studio application, click the File menu (1) and then select the Show Settings Folder submenu (2).

After File Explorer opens automatically, close OBS Studio temporarily so that files and folders associated with settings changes can be deleted.

OBS File Show Default Settings Screen

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In the File Explorer that opens, you are immediately taken to the folder obs-studio (1). Highlight or select all files and folders (2) located in obs-studio this folder and then click the Delete button (3) to delete them. Don’t worry, OBS Studio will re-create these files and folders when you use OBS Studio again.

Delete OBS Studio Settings Windows 10

2. Via File Explorer.

Another way to find or get to a folder obs-studio is through File Explorer directly. Open File Explorer first, type %appdata%in the path text box and then press the Enter keyboard key.

OBS Studio APPData Windows 10 Computer

In the area to the right, in the list of folders that appears, double click the obs-studio.

OBS Studio Roaming Data

Highlight or select all the files and folders that appear (1) and then click the Delete button (2) to delete. Make sure that before deleting files and folders in the obs-studio, you have closed the OBS Studio application.

OBS Studio APPDATA Roaming Delete Windows 10

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