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How To Overcome A Forgotten Password Of OPPO Private Safe Feature

The Private Safe feature on OPPO cellphones allows you to store images, sounds, files, etc. that are confidential and require a password when you want to view them.

However, what if you accidentally Forgot the Password of the OPPO HP Private Safe Feature? Please see the solution for overcoming the forgotten password for the OPPO HP Private Save feature in the article below!

What is the Private Safe Feature on OPPO HP?

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The OPPO HP Private Safe feature is an OPPO HP system application that helps store images, files, hidden data in a safe area with security that cannot be accessed by others because to open it requires a password.

How to Overcome the Forgotten Password of the OPPO HP Private Safe Feature?

Before you recover the password for this feature, please enter the Private Safe feature on the Oppo cellphone that you are using, then enter a default password so that the Forgot password option appears and click this option.

1. Recover password with security question

Overcome the Forgotten Password of the OPPO HP Private Safe Feature Via Security Question
After clicking Forgot password, under the option to reset password, click Reset via security question.

After the question appears, enter your answer and click OK, then proceed with entering a new password.


Security questions are questions that are used to confirm information, related to personal information that you have installed on your machine before.

2. Recover password via recovery email

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Recovery Email Address For Forgotten OPPO Password
If you haven’t set a security question for your device or don’t remember the answer, you can use reset password with recovery email.


After clicking Reset via recovery email, you have to enter the exact same recovery email as you set earlier. Next, a verification code will be sent to the email you used when setting up the Private Safe Feature. Use that code to reset the password in the Private Safe feature.

The email that contains the verification code is, if you don’t find the email sent to your inbox. You can find this email in the SPAM section or use the search feature in the email and type

The security code consists of 6 digits, if the countdown time to enter has run out, you just enter the number provided by the email, there is no need to press resend because you can only send the command to send the code again every 5 minutes.

3. Enable Biometrics To Unlock Private Safe Features

Enable Biometrics To Unlock Private Safe Features
If you are a forgetful person, or want to access the Private Safe feature more conveniently and quickly, we recommend that you activate the fingerprint or face lock feature according to the following steps:

  • Step 1: You go to Settings > Fingerprint, face and password > Select Fingerprint (or Face depending on your needs) in the Biometrics section.
  • Step 2: In the Fingerprint section, select Use fingerprint for > Private Safe feature.

For face lock activation, you can do the same thing.

4. If it can’t be recovered, delete the private password

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If there is no other way to unlock the Private Safe Feature, if you want to continue using this feature, you have to factory reset your OPPO phone.

Quick guide on how to reset: Go to Settings > Additional settings > Select Backup and reset > Factory reset > Erase all data > Finally select Wipe data.

Questions Regarding the Private Safe Feature

Forgot password Private Safe Feature Will It Affect HP Performance?

Forgot your The Private Safe feature password will cause you to not be able to access the content stored in it, besides that the device can still be used normally, only the private safe zone application cannot be used.

When backing up the device, can the data in the Private Safe Feature be backed up?

No, because it is encrypted, it cannot be backed up.

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