Latest Tiktok Lite Invitation Code (Still Valid)

By nagib

PUBLISHED 2:20 am GMT+0700 Thu May 2021

TikTok Lite is one of the most popular apps out there. This application is much liked because it has lots of really interesting videos to watch, not only can you watch it, you can also post videos in this application.

TikTok recently released a new application, an application called Tiktok Lite. Like the lite name it carries, this application is specifically for tiktokers who use cellphones with low specifications.

In addition to being friendly for cellphones with mediocre specifications, TikTok Lite will also be suitable for friends who live in places with poor signal, because only with a 3G network, videos can be watched without problems.

Apart from releasing the TikTok Lite application, TikTok Pte Ltd as the company that oversees TikTok also held a new event that could draw a lot of attention from TikTok fans.

The event in question is an event to collect coins. If you manage to collect a lot of coins, later the coins can be exchanged for money like an event held by Snack Video.

There are many ways that you can get lots of coins in a short time. One way that you can get lots of TikTok Lite coins is to enter the TikTok Lite invitation code.

For a guide to entering the TikTok Lite invitation code, it’s actually really easy. But you have to know in advance how much the latest TikTok Lite invitation code is still working in use today.

Latest TikTok Lite Invitation Codes

Do you want to know what is the latest TikTok Lite invitation code that works and can still be used today? Please look and note the code that I share below.


or install via the button below:

 Click to Install

* get an additional 100 000 points automatically

That’s the latest TikTok Lite invitation code that works and can make it easier for you to get lots of Tiktok Lite coins.

How to Enter Tiktok Lite Invitation Codes

Do you already know the TikTok Lite invitation code? Next, I will what are the steps that must be done to enter the code.

  1. Open the application ticktock Lite is already installed on your phone .
  2. Make sure you have logged in to your TikTok account.
  3. After the TikTok Lite homepage opens, just tap the “Rp” icon in the top left.
  4. Then you will see a display like this, continue by tapping “Continue” yes.
  5. Later, friends will see a “referral code” column like this, please type it correctly.
  6. Then don’t forget to tap “Confirm” .
  7. Finish and your points will get an additional 100 000 points on TikTok Lite.

The final word

This is the information about the latest working “Tiktok Lite Invitation Code” in use today. Thank you for reading, hope it can help you to get lots of TikTok Lite coins.

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