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Job Opportunities in the Field of Data Scientist

Ever heard of data scientists? Data scientist which is one of the professions that is in great demand today, a research conducted by McKinsey & Company shows that in 2018, there were 140,000 to 190,000 data scientist job vacancies that were not filled.

Why are data scientists needed today? The reason is because data is growing rapidly in this era, especially in companies engaged in technology and social media. Data Scientist is a profession that has the following knowledge:


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Statistics is the study of how to plan, collect, analyze, interpret, and present data. In short, statistics is a science that deals with data.

Computer programming

Programming is the process of writing, testing, improving, and maintaining the code that builds a computer program. This code is written in different programming languages.

The purpose of programming is to load a program that can perform a calculation or work in accordance with the wishes of the programmer.

Programming requires skills in algorithms, logic, programming languages, and in many cases, other knowledge such as mathematics.


Database processing

Database is a structured collection of data. Databases can be used to meet information needs.

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Software that specializes in creating and managing databases is called an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).


Machine learning

The term machine learning is basically a computer process to learn from dataWithout data, computers will not be able to learn anything. therefore if we want to learn machine learning, we will definitely continue to interact with data.

All machine learning  knowledge will definitely involve data. The data may be the same, but the algorithms and approaches are different to get optimal results.

Mathematical modeling.

A mathematical model as an approach to a phenomenon (natural or artificial) only covers as much as observations or only covers a limited area of ​​the phenomenon (which is infinite) or is only discrete, although the model is still considered a very ideal form and a very close to the original physical phenomenon.

But since the development of computer science, the application of branches of mathematics that study phenomena that are not just discrete, even finite, is growing rapidly.

This knowledge is needed by a Data Scientist to assist in completing the following basic tasks of a Data Scientist:

  1. Understand and define business problems
  2. Design analysis process
  3. Define the approach process
  4. Take insights and conclusions
  5. Develop business strategy
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However, in reality a Data Scientist cannot do his job independently, there is a Data Analyst and a Data Engineer who assist in determining insights and business strategies that are suitable for the company concerned.

Suppose a Data Scientist is at an hosting provider company, then with all the data owned by the company. A Data Scientist can combine existing data, for example website user data to become information that eventually becomes an action so that it can make the company the best hosting company.

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