Instagram Stories Will Change: Similar to TikTok, Cannot Repost Feed

By nagib

PUBLISHED 8:04 am GMT+0700 Sat February 2021

Instagram is now focusing on making changes to the Stories feature which is now being used by many users.

From the news circulating in the internet, the Instagram Stories feature will have a display like TikTok and users can no longer repost Feeds to Stories.

TechCrunch reported, this Facebook-owned social media confirmed that they are currently developing a new way of viewing Stories on its platform .

If at this time viewing Stories using a right-left swipe gesture, it will later change to up-down or vertical like TikTok.

According to many users, sliding the screen vertically feels more natural than horizontal taps and movements. This method is considered to be more comfortable when navigating applications on mobile devices.

The “Vertical Stories” feature was first revealed by Alessandro Paluzzi who shared the findings on his Twitter account. Instagram says that the feature is being developed but not to the public at this time.

“This is an early prototype and not currently tested on Instagram,” said an Instagram spokeswoman.

In addition, Instagram is testing to disable the ability to re-share or repost post photos or videos from Feed to Stories. This test was conducted in certain countries, but apparently not in Indonesia.

Re- sharing feed posts to Stories is now a common thing for users to do. This is considered as an effort to inform their followers that there are new posts on the Feed, so that they can increase engagement.

This method is considered quite effective considering that lately Instagram application users have seen more Stories posts than seeing Feeds on the Timeline. So, what do you think? Should Instagram turn off the repost Feed to Stories feature ?

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