How to Setup Swipe Up on Instagram Story

By nagib

PUBLISHED 3:56 pm GMT+0700 Sat July 2021

If you’re in this article, that means you’re looking to find out how to make swipe ups on Instagram stories, right? If true, then you will find all the solutions for you to be able to make swipe ups on IG stories easily here.

Instagram stories are now very useful if you are a business person. Moreover, if you are a blogger or youtuber, there you can provide a link in your instastory to your youtube video.

With the swipe up IG story feature, you will get visitors from instastory viewers to the link you provided. But unfortunately, not all Instagram accounts can taste the swipe up feature on this IG story.

There are two conditions that you must meet in order to use this feature on your instastory. Here are the two conditions:

  • Minimum number of followers is 10,000
  • Using a business Instagram profile

The two conditions above must be met on your Instagram account to be able to make swipe ups on Instagram stories. If you don’t have a large number of followers, you must read tips and tricks on how to increase Instagram followers to make it easier for Instagram accounts to get Instagram followers briefly.

Well, if your Instagram account already has more than 10,000 followers, you can simply change your Instagram profile to a business Instagram account.

How to turn an Instagram account into a business is actually quite easy, but if you don’t understand how, please follow the guide below.

Turning Instagram Into a Business Profile

Follow these steps to convert your Instagram account into a business profile to get the swipe up feature on instastory:

  1. Open the Instagram application on your cellphone.
  2. Then go to your Instagram profile.
  3. Then tap the Settings menu.
  4. Tap the Account option select Change to Brand Account.
  5. Connect your Instagram account to the Facebook Page.
  6. Add other details, such as categories and contacts.
  7. Done.

After you have successfully followed the steps above, you have successfully converted your account into a business profile. There is no significant difference between a regular Instagram account and a business Instagram account. You can still use Instagram as usual.

Precisely after you convert it to a business account, several new features and services will appear. One of them is to add a link in your IG story. So, it is highly recommended if you use Instagram for business and make money.

How to Make Swipe Up on Instagram Story

After you already have more than 10,000 followers and have successfully converted your account into a business account. Back to the main topic, which is how to make swipe ups on IG stories.

Actually, it’s not much different from creating stories as usual, but here we will provide steps on how to make swipe ups on Instagram stories in a complete and easy to understand way for you.

Here’s how to make swipe up on the latest IG story:

  1. Upload photos or videos to IG stories.
  2. Then click the chain icon in the top menu options section.
  3. Select URL and then type the URL into the field provided.
  4. If so, tap the Done button at the top right.
  5. Submit your story as usual.
  6. Done, now you have successfully made a swipe up instastory.

After you already know how to make swipe ups on Instagram stories above, you can create an instastory with your link freely.

You can add a link in your IG story by including text, images, or videos just like you would create an Instagram story.

You see a fake IG account? Here’s how to report an Instagram account.

Instagram Business Account Benefits

The benefit of being able to add a link on your instastory after you switch to a business account on your Instagram is very helpful too. Here’s a summary of some of the benefits after becoming a business account:

1. Grant access to Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights provides all the important data you need to know about your Instagram account. There you will be helped because Instagram Insights provides information on which content is in high demand and which is not.

Instagram Insights also shows the performance of your Instagram account over the past week such as how many followers have changed, the number of posts, the number of impressions, the number of reach, the number of profile views, how many people clicked on your website and your email.

Not only that, there you will be given details of your followers’ data such as gender, age, city and country location, and whenever your followers are most active.

2. Provide Contact Button

Once your account becomes a business profile, you can add a contact button on your profile. This feature makes it easy if someone wants to contact you for business.

When someone clicks the button, you can set whether you want to be contacted by email, phone or your location.

3. Business Category Shown on Your Profile

When you create a Facebook page, you will definitely be asked to choose what category your business belongs to. This business category will appear on your Instagram profile.

But if you want to change it, you can change this information freely from the business settings on Instagram.

4. Can Add Links to Instagram Stories

Yes, and this last feature is the one that people are most interested in. You can add links and make swipe ups on instastory if you already have more than 10,000 followers.

You must also know how to make swipe ups on Instagram stories by reading the guide above.

Well, those are the steps to make a swipe up on IG story that you can try on your Instagram account. Hopefully this article is useful and adds to your insight regarding Instagram, good luck!

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