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How To Root Android With Magisk (Success Guaranteed)

What is ROOT? So, what is meant by ROOT is where the user gets full control or access over his Android smartphone and can do whatever he wants, such as modifying the appearance of your Android.

In this tutorial, the we will share how to root Android with magisk. Why with magisk? why not use super SU?

What is Magisk?

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Magisk (Magic Mask) is an open source application developed by Topjohnwu which is useful as a combination of SuperSU by Chainfire and XPosed Framework.

When you hear the word SuperSU, you must have guessed that one of the functions of this Magisk is to ROOT. Yes, it’s true, but there are differences between the working system of Magisk and SuperSU in terms of rooting.

Magisk works systemless-ly, meaning Magisk will not modify or change the system partition on Android. Magisk will duplicate the boot.img file into magisk.img without adding any files to the Android system partition. This means you can still pass Google’s SafetyNet test and use apps that may depend on it

This is different from SuperSU, where the system partition on Android will be modified and certain files will be added.

Furthermore, it gains some new features like “MagiskSU “, part of the app itself to root Android devices effectively. Currently, you can install Magisk to root Android devices running Android 10, Pie, Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow, and Lollipop.

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Quoted from the official  Magisk page on Github, has a definition for us.

“The Universal Systemless Interface, to create an altered mask of the system without changing the system itself.”

So basically this magisk can change the Android system but not directly to the system. If there is a bootloop or something unwanted, there is no need to flash your Android, just uninstall magisk via TWRP. Oh yes this magisk also has many features such as:

  • Magisk Hide, its function is to hide the root status of banking applications.
  • Modules,  Its function is to manage  module tweaks, or install  modules  from HP memory
  • Downloads,  Its function is to download various  tweak modules  from the Magisk directory
  • Systemless hosts,  its function is to block ads

Below is a list of the main features that Magisk Manager offers:

  • Modify Android device without destroying system partition (vendor)
  • Root any Android device with an open-source root solution
  • Manage root permissions and use biometrics like fingerprint or Face Unlock to grant superuser permissions
  • Pass Google SafetyNet test even when phone is rooted
  • Use banking and security apps on rooted devices
  • Remove kernel features like DM-Verity and ForceEncrypt
  • Add third-party features using Magisk Modules
  • Easily install OTA updates on your rooted Android device

So, if you are interested in modding your Android device, then you should give Magisk Manager a try.

Requirement before rooting Android

  • As always, I highly recommend that you back up all your personal data on the phone.
  • The bootloader of your Android device must be unlocked.
  • For Method 1, you have to install the latest TWRP on your Android device.
  • The battery has at least 50% power or while charging.
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Here’s how to root Android with Magisk

If you’re ready, then just jump into the Android root method with Magisk guaranteed success and make sure you do it carefully and don’t skip any steps unless you’ve already done it.

1. First, make sure you have installed TWRP. Also read How to Install TWRP on your Android devices.

First download the magisk manager.apk application on the official website https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk/releases

Download Magisk Root App
Download Magisk Root App

2. After downloading, just open it and if there is still a chakra sign, select install.

3. Select install again.

4. So here on the author’s cellphone there are 3 choices, because the author has installed magisk before. If you are new, then select just download the zip later it will be saved to the download folder.

5. After successfully downloading, then restart your cellphone to TWRP. Select the install menu.

Install TWRP Recovery Android
Install TWRP Recovery Android

6. Swipe down a bit and look for the sdcard folder.

SDCARD Folder Android System
SDCARD Folder Android System

After that, look for the magisk zip again in the download folder.

Download Folder Android System
Download Folder Android System

8. Select then slide right to install.

Install Magisk Android System
Install Magisk Android System
Install Magisk TWRP Recovery
Install Magisk TWRP Recovery

9. Wait a few moments and if it is successful just reboot system immediately.

10. Go back to magisk manager and see if it’s checked or not.

After your device entering the homescreen, the Magisk icon will appear as follows.

Magisk Installed On Android
Magisk Installed On Android

Up to this point, the installation of Magisk via TWRP has been completed.

  • Disadvantages of this method » TWRP Official generally does not support OTA updates, so even though you can systemically perform OTA updates, the update process will stop because the update process is not supported by TWRP;
  • The advantages of this method » yes, clearly the benefits of TWRP with all its features, for more details, read the article Getting to know TWRP: Functions and How to Use [Peel Complete].

Done. That’s the tutorial how to root with magisk.

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Magisk Manager gives you the ability to perform various tasks to customize your device. For starters, you can use any root-enabled app on your phone. “Magisk Hide” allows you to hide root from apps like Pokemon Go, and so on. You can also install modules to add third-party features to your device.

So this was my guide on  How To Intsall Magisk Manager On All Android Phones. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.

Good luck and hopefully useful. And see you again in my next technology posts in the future.

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