How To Open Blocked Subscene (The Easiest Ways)

By nagib

PUBLISHED 9:27 pm GMT+0700 Sun May 2021

How to open a blocked Subscene site . As we all know that Subscene is king when it comes to subtitles or subtitles. If you already have a film or drama on your computer, the next step is to look for subtitles.

If your country doesn’t block it, you can easily open Subscene, as easy as turning your hand, you can just type in then the browser would take you to the main page of the subtitles library. But that is no longer the case if the site is blocked.

For example in Indonesia, since the government, through Kominfo, decided to block it in April 2020, suddenly since then the site of this free film and drama lover friend has been inaccessible. Now, if you try to open, then your browser will display the message like this:

This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.

So don’t be afraid if you get an error message like that popping up in the browser, it’s not because your internet network has a problem or there is a virus in your browser. But because this site is blocked by Kominfo.

But of course, don’t worry because there are many roads leading to Rome, you can really open them even if your Subscene is blocked. And this article will guide you to be able to open it again.

How to open the Subscene site with a VPN

In this article I only recommend the easiest way so you can open the Subscene site, and why do I only provide the easiest way? Because I really like easiness, so must you.

Well, the steps for opening Subscene website are using the Chrome browser VPN extension. You can try one of the following VPN extensions:

  • TouchVPN.
  • FreeVPN For Chrome.


  • Browser Google Chrome.
  • Computer.

How to open a Subscene with the TouchVPN extension.

Steps to install TouchVPN and open .
How to Open Subscene With TouchVPN Browser

  1. Download TouchVPN di Google Chrome.
  2. Then install it on the Google Chrome browser.
  3. Open TouchVPN by clicking the icon TouchVPNin the browser, after opening select the country if you want, or just click the Connect button.
  4. Then TouchVPN will connect you to a server based on the country you choose.
  5. After the status is Connected, you can access the Subscene, as shown below.

Successfully Unlocked TouchVPN Subscene

Apart from TouchVPN you can also use other VPN extensions. Please have the following tutorial, friends.

How to Open with FreeVPN For Chrome

How to open a subscription with FreeVPN for Chrome browser

  1. Download FreeVPN di Google Chrome.
  2. Then install on Google Chrome browser.
  3. Open FreeVPN by clicking the icon FreeVPN in your Chrome browser, selecting a country if you want, or simply clicking the round white button.
  4. Then FreeVPN will connect you to a server based on the country you choose.
  5. After the status is Connected, you can access the Subscene, as shown below.

Open Subscene With FreeVPN Chrome

There are tons of VPN extensions in the Google Chrome extension repository, you can browse if you feel like you want more options. But for me personally, TouchVPN is actually enough. Because I often rely on this VPN and so far it hasn’t disappointed at all.

How to open with a proxy site

If colleagues don’t want to download additional extensions on the Chrome browser because they don’t want to make the browser heavy.

So colleagues should use a free online proxy service, as a result colleagues can access the Subscene site. The names of the proxy sites that I recommend are as follows:


Alright friends, just follow the tutorial below.

How to open a Subscene with

Opening Subscene with Peoxy Site

  1. Go to the site from this link .
  2. Then paste the URL, select the server if you want (this is optional) then click the Start button.
  3. Then will redirect you to the site.
  4. So you can hunt for your preferred subtitles with this service.

How to open a Subscene with

The second service that I think is pretty good after, the name is, a service that is experienced and reliable enough to open access to blocked sites via proxy technology.

The steps are as follows.

Opening the Subscene with Unblock Websites for Free

  1. Go to the site.
  2. Then paste the URL then click the Surf button .

Additional free proxy sites.


How about all the tricks above, it’s easy right? All the ways that I recommend to open the site with a VPN and also an accurate proxy.

Now you can open anytime without a hitch, and can hunt for your preferred subtitles from the movies or TV dramas you want to watch.

Or, I have a suggestion that for me is much better or at least a good alternative, if the Subscrene cannot open on your computer, then you can use a similar alternative service.

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