How To Make Voice Notes On Instagram?

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PUBLISHED 12:31 pm GMT+0700 Fri February 2021

Instagram continues to strive to provide the best impression and features to its users, and the voice note feature is one of their efforts.

However, do you already know how to use voice notes on Instagram? Whether it’s sending, deleting and saving VN on your IG.

VN voice is presente in the direct message or DM feature on Instagram. Initially, DM can only be used to send messages in text form only. However, now you can send pictures, videos, and voice notes.

The voice note feature on IG was launched for the first time at the end of 2018, to be precise in December.

The audio results produced by the VN feature on Instagram can be said to be quite good, because the sound that is sent is very clear.

This feature is very useful if you are lazy to type or feel it takes too long to type to send messages on IG DM. How to use VN on Instagram can also be said to be very easy, here’s how.

How to Use VN Voice on IG

In this article, you will find out in full regarding how to use the voice note feature on DM Instagram starting from how to send, delete, and save VN on IG.

But before that, make sure you have installed the Instagram application on your cellphone. Then make sure you are also using the latest version of the Instagram application, because if you are using an outdated or outdated application, you will not find the VN feature.

How to Send Voice Notes on Instagram

How to Send Voice Notes on Instagram

Voice notes on IG can record sound with a long duration. You can send VN up to one minute to private chat or group chat on Instagram DM.

How to send voice notes on Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram application on your cellphone.
  2. Then enter the direct message or DM feature.
  3. Select the conversation or chat group that you want to send the voice note to.
  4. Tap and hold on the microphone icon and you can start talking.
  5. Just release to stop and transmit the VN.
  6. Or swipe left or into the trash can to undo.

Now you have managed to find out how to send voice messages on DM Instagram. Just tap and hold, you can record your voice as a voice note and send it right away.

Sending VN on DM IG has no time limit, so you can send a long VN like singing a song via this Instagram DM feature.

How to Delete Voice Notes on Instagram

How to Delete Voice Notes on Instagram

Did you send the wrong voice note by mistake? Or just deleting VN because you changed your mind? No need to worry, you can also delete your voice note on the DM Instagram that has been sent.

Here’s how to delete voice notes on Instagram that have been sent:

  1. Open your Instagram DM feature.
  2. Select the chat where you send the voice note.
  3. Tap and hold on the voice note message you sent.
  4. Then an option will appear to cancel the message.
  5. Tap the Cancel sending message? the.
  6. Then your VN message that has been sent will be deleted immediately.

Canceling messages on DM Instagram will apply to anyone, be it sender or recipient. So when you delete a voice note, the recipient will not see the voice note again.

It would be great if you realized earlier. Because if the voice note has been sent for a long time and hasn’t been deleted, then it is likely that the VN has been heard by the recipient of your DM IG message.

How to Save Voice Note from Instagram DM

How to Save Voice Note from Instagram DM

Do you want to know how to save voice notes from your Instagram DM? Take it easy, even though there is no feature to download VN on IG, it’s actually very easy to do.

Follow how to save vn in the following ig:

  1. Make sure you have played or listened to the VN.
  2. Open the file manager application on your cellphone.
  3. Then go to internal storage.
  4. Access the Android folder> data>> files> music.
  5. In that folder, the VN file from Instagram is stored.
  6. Move the voice note file you want to another folder.

If you do not find a suitable folder as described above, try to check the SD card storage. Because some Instagram users set their Instagram application to be stored on external memory.

That;s the whole steps regarding the complete way to use voice notes on Instagram starting from how to use, how to delete, and how to save VN from DM Instagram. If you experience problems, please let us know in the comments below.

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