How To Make Live Instagram Comments

By nagib

PUBLISHED 10:09 am GMT+0700 Sun March 2021

Live broadcast is one of the features on Instagram that is quite popular. There you can post comments, embed comments, and delete other people’s comments on live Instagram.

Generally, commenting on a live on IG aims to interact with each other from the audience to the person who broadcasts the live. This comment column is very important.

If generally viewers can post comments, as the owner of the live broadcast has the right to embed comments, and even disable the comment column.

Embedding comments is very useful, because they will appear at the top without worrying about being buried by other comments.

Or you can also remove the comments column, so that live viewers cannot post comments. Generally, this is done when the live has a large enough audience so that the number of comments is the same.

Therefore, will explain this feature in full, starting from sending, embedding, and removing comments on live IG.

How to post comments on Instagram Live

If you want to post comments on live Instagram but don’t know how, then you don’t need to worry. The reason is, to do it is actually quite easy.

Here’s how below:

  1. First, open someone else’s Instagram live.
  2. Then press on the comments field.
  3. Type the comment you want.
  4. After that, tap the airplane icon to send.
  5. Done.

Now your comments will be sent live on the IG. However, this comment feature only applies when the live broadcast owner enables the comment field.

Embed Instagram Live comments

There are so many comments on IG live that you as a live owner can’t see your own comments? No need to worry, you can embed comments so that you won’t get swamped by other comments.

Here’s how to embed a comment on Instagram Live:

  1. Send your comments first.
  2. Then press the comment.
  3. Then, select the Embed Comment option.
  4. Done.

Well, now your comments will appear at the top. You don’t need to worry anymore if these comments are piled up by comments from your live audience.

Eliminate Instagram Live Comments

Worried about comments from live viewers on Instagram? Then you can remove the comments column on your live IG. That way, comments will not interfere with the display of the IG live.

Here’s how to turn off comments on IG Live:

  1. First, of course do live first.
  2. Then, press the colon next to the comment field.
  3. Then select the option Disable Comments.
  4. Done, the comments column has been turned off successfully.

If the comment column has been deactivated, the IG live audience will not be able to post comments. By removing comments on IG live, the live broadcast will not be disturbed by comments from viewers.

To restore it, you just need to follow the above guide again. Then you have to choose the option Turn on Comments.


How do I post a comment on Instagram Live?

You only need to type it in the comments field available on the live IG that you are watching.

Why aren’t comments sent on Instagram Live?

This is generally because you have been blocked by IG live voters from being able to post comments.

How to remove comments on Instagram Live?

Just press the three dots icon next to the comment field, then select the option Disable Comments.

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