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How to Flash TWRP Recovery On Android Smartphones [All Types]

This tutorial will guide you to flash TWRP recovery on all types of Android and brands of Android-based smartphones. The TWRP recovery flash tutorial on Android is accompanied by a picture of each step to make it easier for you to follow it.

And as a result, your Android-based smart device will have a custom recovery that has many uses, unlike the official recovery, which has limited capabilities.

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Then the question is why should you use TWRP? You can read our explanation in another post, please go directly to the article entitled what is TWRP recovery, its function & how to use it on Android phones. Alright then.

TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is an open-source software that serves to make it easier for Android users to repair or install an open source Android OS.

Before installing TWRP, read this..!

  • Unlock bootloader, root, install custom ROM can void (nulify) warranty;
  • But the guarantee can be restored by flashing the official ROM again;
  • We recommend that you first backup important data in case the process fails and causes the HP to bootloop;
  • Follow the steps in this article carefully, otherwise the wrong steps can cause the HP to die completely;
  • Do it with your own risk..!

What are the benefits and features of TWRP?

  • Installing custom ROMs, KernelsAdd-Ons, GApps, Fix 4G, SuperSU, Magisk and other mods;
  • Perform the backup / restore process from systembootuser data, IMEI, modem, sensor partition, cachedalvik cache to internal storage;
  • Can be used to transfer files via MTP, File Manager, and Terminal Emulator;
  • And many other uses.

The TWRP backup / restore process works with “nandroid” backups so that the backup results obtained are exactly the same as the ROM being backed up.

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Well, because of the many benefits of TWRP, in this article I will review how to install TWRP ROOT on all types of Android phones.

How to Install TWRP & ROOT Android Phone

TWRP & root installation is divided into 3 stages, namely:

  1. Get the appropriate TWRP file;
  2. Install the TWRP file;
  3. Doing root.

Here are the steps..

1. How to Get the Appropriate TWRP File

To install TWRP, you need an image file (.img) of TWRP according to the type of Android you have.

How to get it, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Official TWRP App on the official website or via the Google Play Store;
    Download Official TWRP APP Google Play Store Site
    Download Official TWRP APP Google Play Store Site

    Understand that this application is not for installing TWRP, but for downloading the appropriate image (.img) file and later it will be installed on your Android phone;

  2. Once installed, run the application, tick I agree, then OK;
    Flash TWRP On Android
    Flash TWRP On Android
  3. Next select TWRP FLASH and select Select Devices;
    Select A Device To Flash TWRP
    Select A Device To Flash TWRP
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    .. will appear the entire list of available Android smartphones;

  4. Select devices according to the type of HP or type in the Search devices field. For example I searched TWRP for Mi 4C — libra;
    Download TWRP And Install
    Download TWRP And Install
  5. If you have found it, download the latest TWRP file or the version that matches the ROM you are currently using (if you are not sure, try to find a reference for what version is suitable);
  6. Then the application will direct you to the browser to download the TWRP file that you selected earlier.

When finished, flash the image (.img) file that you got to your Android.

2. How to Install TWRP

Requirements before installing TWRP:

  • Make sure the HP battery is fully charged or at least 50%;
  • Original or good quality USB cable to connect HP to PC/laptop;
  • Have enabled USB Debugging & OEM unlocking;
  • Already unlocked the bootloader.
  • Don’t forget to backup important data first in case the HP bootloop or TWRP asks for a password;

Materials needed:

  • Install ADB-Fasboot-And-Driver-v1.4.3.zip, useful as fastboot command;
  • Install Android USB Driver, useful as ADB Interface and Bootloader Interface drivers;
  • The TWRP image file that you got from the Official TWRP App application, rename it to twrp.img;


  1. Connect the cellphone to a PC/laptop using a good quality USB cable;
  2. Place the renamed TWRP file into twrp.img to the c:/adb folder;

    TWRP file into twrp.img
    TWRP file into twrp.img
  3. If you have, press the SHIFT key + Right -click on an empty area, then select Open command window here;

    TWRP.img Recovery Open Command Window Here
    TWRP.img Recovery Open Command Window Here
  4. To make sure the device is connected (attached), type the command:
    adb devices

    adb service Android TWRP
    adb service Android TWRP
  5. If a random code (serial number) appears, it means that the cellphone is properly connected in ADB mode.
  6. If it appears like this:
    Allow USB Debugging Android
    Allow USB Debugging Android

    .. see HP screen, tap OK;

  7. Next type the command:
    adb reboot bootloader
  8. The cellphone will restart automatically and enter fastboot mode.
  9. To make sure it’s connected in fastboot mode, type the command:
    fastboot devices

    Typing Fastboot Android Devices
    Typing Fastboot Android Devices
  10. If a random code (serial number) appears, it means that the device is connected correctly.
  11. Next, type the command:
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

    .. the above command will install TWRP;

    Steps to Install TWRP Recovery
    Steps to Install TWRP Recovery
  12. Wait until the process is finished marked with the words finished.
  13. Until this stage, the installation of TWRP has been completed..

After TWRP is installed, try to enter TWRP by directly pressing the Power + Vol Up button for a few moments to enter TWRP like this:

TWRP Recovery Android Interface
TWRP Recovery Android Interface

After logging in, select Mount and uncheck “Mount system partition read-only” so that TWRP is not lost after rebooting or installing ROM.

Mount TWRP Recovery Android
Mount TWRP Recovery Android

Until this stage the installation of TWRP Recovery is complete.

3. Disabling the DM-Verity Feature

Several types of the latest Android releases already use the DM-Verity feature. This means, if there is a change in the recovery partition (installation of TWRP), the device will fail to boot (bootloop) because it is prevented by this feature.

Therefore, use the material below to solve it:


  1. Still in TWRP mode, copy the no-verity-opt-encrypt-6.0.zip file to internal storage;
  2. then select Install;

    How to Install / Flash TWRP And Root Android
    How to Install / Flash TWRP And Root Android
  3. Next tap on no-verity-opt-encrypt-6.0.zip which you copied earlier;
  4. Next slide on “Swipe to confirm Flash”;
  5. Wait for the installation process to finish marked with a “…done” notification;
  6. If so, select Reboot System.

In TWRP mode, you can copy files to internal storage because TWRP already supports MTP (Media Transfer Protocol).

Causes of Failed to Install TWRP

There are cases where the TWRP installation process fails, this can be due to several things, I will try to review them one by one.

1. Error: “Cannot load twrp.img”

Many ask why when installing TWRP, the error “cannot load twrp.img” appears.

Cannot Load TWRP.img
Cannot Load TWRP.img

This is because the adb program cannot find the twrp.img file to execute.


  1. Placing the twrp.img file in the wrong folder; or
  2. Haven’t renamed it to twrp.img; or
  3. In fact, you renamed this file wrongly to twrp.img.img (this is what often happens).

So it’s easy to just change the TWRP installation command to:

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img.img

2. Unable to Enter TWRP (Fixed Stock Recovery)

There are some visitors to my blog who say that after flashing TWRP until the process is complete without errors, it turns out that TWRP is not installed and remains in stock recovery.

If this happens, go back into fastboot and repeat the flashing command as follows..

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

.. then continue with

fastboot boot twrp.img

Your cellphone will automatically enter TWRP mode.

3. TWRP Asks for Password

Whether it’s a bug or indeed the protection from TWRP itself, many of the latest Xiaomi variants experience this after installing TWRP. To deal with the issue, read this article.

Once TWRP is installed, read how to use it in this article.

For more details, read the Collection of Error Message Meaning When Installing TWRP Recovery.

That ‘s how to install TWRP & ROOT Android phones [all types].

May be useful..!

Do it with your own risk.. ! The tutorial above I wrote after I managed to test it on several Android devices that I have. However, with different conditions and environments, the above method may not work on your device. So if you want to follow the method above, you understand that you are at your own risk of failure.

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