How To Fix YouTube 400 Error On Android

By nagib

PUBLISHED 5:45 pm GMT+0700 Sun May 2021

As is common, we know that the majority of Youtube users use Android smart devices to watch videos there. That means that YouTube videos are loaded and watched more via a smartphone or tablet than using a desktop computer or laptop.

But occasionally, an annoying error appears that just comes unexpectedly on the Youtube homepage. The error I mean is 400 error: “There was a problem with the servers”.

So if you encounter a similar error on Youtube, then let’s find a solution together to fix the problem that disturbs our adventure in Google’s largest video library.

Ready? Let’s jump straight to the tutorial.

How to fix Youtube 400 error on Android?

Check Internet Connection

An error on the server connection is closely related to an unstable internet connection. So I recommend to: turn off the wireless ( WiFi ) or data connection then turn on Airplane Mode (AirPlane Mode) for just 1 or 2 minutes.

Then restart your Android smartphone or tablet, then reactivate the WiFi or data connection and re-open the Youtube application on the Android phone. After doing this step, you should have successfully fixed the Youtube 400 error problem.

Check Date And Time Settings

The cause of server error problems could be due to incorrect date and time settings. Therefore, open Settings and select General Management , then tap on Date And Time. Then select Automatic Date And Time Settings , launch Youtube again, and check if the error 400 is still there or not.

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Stop Force Youtube And Clear Cache

Forcing Youtube to stop and clear the cache can also be a solution to overcoming error 400. For that, please go to Settings , then open Apps , and select Youtube then select Storage , select and tap the Clear Cache button.

Check if this method succeeded in fixing the Youtube 400 error problem or not? If it’s still there, then tap on the Clear Data button .

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As an additional solution, make sure your Android smartphone and tablet are using the latest version of the Youtube application. For that, open the Google Play Store , search for Yutube and tap the Update button . Check if there is the latest Youtube version, if there is, then install it, then restart your Android smartphone or tablet and open Youtube again.
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Changing DNS Settings

Changing the DNS settings can also solve the Youtube 400 error problem. The steps are as follows; open Settings , tap on WiFi and tap and hold the Wifi connection to which your device is connected. Then select Modify Network , select IP Settings , and use the following DNS as the primary DNS.

If after changing the DNS settings the error 400 still cannot be fixed, then you should uninstall and reinstall the new Youtube application.

My conclusion

The appearance of error 400 generally occurs due to an unstable internet connection or due to incorrect date and time settings. Clearing cache and data – also in many ways – can help with problems with installed apps on Android. In addition, I also suggest that you check the version of the Youtube application, if it is a long time then do an update (update). Followed by restarting the new Youtube application.

If after doing all the recommended methods above but the Youtube 400 error problem still exists, then please write it in the comments area so we can discuss it together.

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