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How To Fix WhatsApp Story Not Appearing

WhatsApp Story Doesn’t Appear – When playing WhatsApp, it’s incomplete if you haven’t seen the WA status or WhatsApp story from a contact friend or share our daily activities through stories.

In addition to entertainment, WhatsApp stories are also very reliable for business promotions, updating the latest news, and sharing personal opinions.

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WhatsApp story is not the only feature, WhatsApp is also equipped with various menus for creating stories, ranging from text with various font choices, uploading photos and videos, to adding stickers and emojis to stories.

In addition to WhatsApp stories, there are many other interesting WA features, such as the last seen or disabled feature. That’s why other people’s last seen on WhatsApp didn’t show up.

But, what if the WhatsApp story doesn’t appear and suddenly disappears? Then why the WA status can not appear?

Well, to answer that problem, I will explain 6 ways to solve WhatsApp stories that don’t appear or suddenly disappear. Let’s check them out!


Cause WhatsApp Story Doesn’t Appear

Why is the contact's whatsapp story not showing
Why is the contact’s whatsapp story not showing

It turns out that there are several causes that make WhatsApp Story not appear guys and the following are the causes:

  1. You haven’t updated WhatsApp
  2. The internal memory on your cellphone is full
  3. You didn’t save the phone contact
  4. WhatsApp is experiencing a bug / error
  5. You’re Blocked
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How To Fix WhatsApp Story Not Appearing

After knowing the various causes of WhatsApp Story not appearing, now is the time for you to overcome the various causes above, guys.

No need to take it to a service technician because you can do it yourself and here’s how to fix WhatsApp Story not showing up:

1. Update the WhatsApp Application

The first way you have to do is to update the WhatsApp application on the Google Play Store.

The reason is that every month or a few weeks WhatsApp usually experiences an update and if you don’t do it this could be the cause of your WA story not showing up.

  1. Please open the Play Store
  2. Type WhatsApp in the search field
  3. Please select Update as shown in the image below
Whatsapp Story Does Not Appear Anonymous
Whatsapp Story Does Not Appear Anonymous
  1. Wait until the process is complete

If it’s finished, please recheck your WhatsApp Story, it should be if the bug problem in this way WA Story has appeared.

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2. Check If Friends’ Privacy Is Hidden

How to solve whatsapp story not showing app
How to solve whatsapp story not showing app

When your friend’s Story doesn’t appear on your cellphone but appears on your friend’s cellphone who both have their cellphone contacts, it means that you are in Privacy so you can’t see the WhatsApp Story, guys.

When this problem occurs to you, it’s not the application or settings of your cellphone that is wrong but indeed your friend intentionally keeps you private from his WhatsApp Story.

  1. Go to WhatsApp’s Settings
  2. Then tap on Account
  3. And you need to tap Privacy
  4. You can see the Privacy section

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3. Check whether the WhatsApp number is in the Smartphone contact list

how to solve whatsapp story not showing accessibility
how to solve whatsapp story not showing accessibility

The main requirement to see a friend’s WhatsApp Story is that you have to save each other’s WA numbers.

Even though you have saved your friend’s number and your friend hasn’t saved your number it means you can’t see each other’s WhatsApp Story guys. The solution is to make sure you save each other’s numbers.

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4. Check If You Are Blocked

how to solve whatsapp story not showing in Indonesian
how to solve whatsapp story not showing in Indonesian

If in various ways to overcome WhatsApp Story it doesn’t appear above you also still can’t see your friend’s Story, make sure if you are being blocked by him.

If you are blocked by a WA contact by your friend, of course two things will happen,

  1. First you can’t message him
  2. Second, you can’t see the WhatsApp Sotry

After your friend unblocks it, you will automatically be able to see each other’s WhatsApp Story guys.

5. Check Internet Connection Speed

One of the causes of WhatsApp Story not appearing is that your internet connection is weak. The reason is that to open Story WA, a stable internet connection is needed.

Just like you send photos or videos via WA, it will not be sent if your internet connection is weak or less stable.

Story – Story wa will appear if your internet connection is good and messages that were not initially sent will be sent automatically.

To solve this problem, here are the solutions:

  1. Make sure your internet connection is smooth
  2. Check your internet data quota, is it still available or out of stock

6. If there is interference, wait until it returns to normal

If there is interference, wait until it returns to normal
If there is interference, wait until it returns to normal

The last way to solve WhatsApp Story does not appear is to make sure whether there is an interruption in WhatsApp itself.

If you have done all the methods above but still WhatsApp Story hasn’t appeared, it can be ascertained from WhatsApp, which is being disturbed, guys.

If indeed the problem is with the WhatsApp application, please wait until the specified time.

The final word

Those were 6 ways to effectively deal with WhatsApp stories not appearing or suddenly disappearing.

If you are asked who can read WA status, then actually if you and your friends both save each other’s WA numbers in their cellphone contacts, then it can definitely be read.

So, if you have a problem with the WA status not appearing even though your friend has saved our number and vice versa, then you can try the methods above.

Good luck and good luck! why is the profile, on the iPhone, WhatsApp’s status error today, how to see the wa status of friends who are.

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