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How To Fix WhatsApp Can’t Video Call

How does it feel when you want to video call Whatsapp but you can’t use it? This case often happens why Whatsapp can’t make video calls even though the network is good.

Are you experiencing Whatsapp error? no need to be confused, guys. This time I will share how to solve Whatsapp not being able to make video calls. Let’s see more!

How to Overcome WhatsApp Can’t Video Call

1. Allow WhatsApp Access to Camera

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The first way is to allow Whatsapp to access your camera. As you know that Whatsapp uses the front camera.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open Android Settings, then select the Applications menu.
  2. Next, find and open the Whatsapp application.
  3. Select the ‘App Permissions menu to open it.
  4. Check Camera.
Whatsapp can't video call and call on iphone
Whatsapp can’t video call and call on iphone
  1. Done.

This one car is usually very effective for overcoming Whatsapp not being able to make video calls.

It’s better if your cellphone restarts first, so that the setting changes can run optimally.


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2. Clear Cache

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This method can be done to help overcome problematic and not working WhatsApp video calls.


The method is below, guys:

  1. First open HP Settings, and enter the Applications menu.
  2. Then select the WhatsApp application.
Search WhatsApp On Android
Search WhatsApp On Android
  1. Select ‘Storage‘, then select ‘Clear Cache‘.
WhatsApp Storage
WhatsApp Storage
  1. If you have returned to the previous menu. Select ‘Force Stop’.
  2. Then reopen WhatsApp.

This method is recommended by many Android experts. Its function is to restart the application that is in error.

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3. Allow Mic Access On WhatsApp

This method is the same as the first one, Whatsapp needs mic access to run properly.

The steps are more or less the same as above, namely:

  1. First open Smartphone’s Settings.
  2. Select the Application menu > Whatsapp.
  3. Select the Permissions menu and enable Mic.
Allow Mic Access On WhatsApp
Allow Mic Access On WhatsApp
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Note: If it is already active then you don’t need to activate it again, and if you haven’t activated it the way just now.

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4. Make sure the number is not blocked

Do you know the consequences if the number is blocked? Check out some of its features:

  1. Whatsapp messages will only tick one.
  2. All calls cannot be connected.
  3. Whatsapp profile cannot be changed.
  4. Can’t see contact status online or not.
  5. Cannot receive messages even though the network is good.

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5. Reinstall WhatsApp

The way to solve Whatsapp can’t make video calls is to reinstall Whatsapp.

This is done to overcome the error bug. So that WA data will be replaced with new ones.

The method is very easy, namely:

  1. Go to Settings > Applications > WhatsApp.
  2. Then select Uninstall App.
Whatsapp Story Does Not Appear Anonymous
Whatsapp Story Does Not Appear Anonymous
  1. If you have entered the Play Store > type Whtasapp > Install l.
  2. Then open the Whatsapp application as usual and login to your number.
Unstall WhatsApp
Unstall WhatsApp

Note: If you don’t want any data to be lost, please back it up first.

Hopefully with the above method you can overcome Whatsapp not being able to make video calls. Please apply the method above one by one.

If all the methods above still don’t work, it’s most likely that your hardware is the problem, check with the nearest repairman.

Good luck, good luck guys!

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