How to Fix a Laptop Camera That Doesn’t Work

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PUBLISHED 7:54 pm GMT+0700 Fri September 2021

A web camera or commonly called a webcam is a device that must be available on a laptop computer. With the webcam, laptop users can take photos or videos.

Web cameras also make it easier for laptop users to make video-based communications such as video calls, video chats, and video meetings / conferences.

The COVID-19 pandemic requires many people to be active at home, including for study and work activities.

To support these activities, the use of web cameras on laptops as a means of communication is very high.

Some cases mention laptop users can not use the webcam normally. Of course this will cause problems when communicating via video.

The term is off-cam. This means not getting a visualization / appearance from the other person / communication.

How to Overcome a Laptop Webcam Not Working

There are several popular applications that take full advantage of the laptop camera. For example Zoom, Google Meet, Skype/Microsoft Teams, Team Viewer, etc.

These applications are actually not only available on laptop/desktop computers, but also on smartphones and tablets.

A laptop camera that doesn’t work properly can be a pretty serious problem. For some people, visualization of the parties communicating with each other is very necessary.

Without visualization, communication becomes less valuable which results in a lack of trust.

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Here are the ways and steps to overcome or repair a laptop camera that is not working

Open the camera lens cover (if any)

On some laptop products, the included camera is equipped with a cover cover. Its function is to protect the camera lens from getting dirty easily.

In fact, there are also users who deliberately cover their own laptop camera lenses.

There are also opinions that say closing the laptop camera to protect the privacy of its users.

This is due to claims that the camera is used by parties who are not responsible for tracking or spying on laptop users.

If you want to use a laptop camera, the webcam lens cover must be opened.

How to Fix a Laptop Camera That Doesn't Work

Make sure the camera device driver is installed correctly

Physically, the camera device on a laptop is generally mounted above the monitor screen. Because the shape is fixed, of course the device cannot be removed.

Even if you want to replace it, you have to disassemble the monitor screen or maybe even have to replace a new laptop monitor screen.

But here, all you need to do is make sure the camera device driver is installed.

Here are the steps to check the webcam driver on Windows 10

  1. Press Win+X
  2. Select Device Manager
  3. Pay attention to the Cameras section
  4. There will definitely be a camera device that has been installed

On a new laptop, the camera device driver should be installed properly. However, some cases occur when the camera driver is actually problematic.

Usually indicated by an exclamation mark (!) or a cross (x) notification icon.

When this happens, the camera device driver should be updated or updated. The goal is for the camera to work better. Here are the steps to update the camera driver

  1. Make sure the laptop is connected to the internet
  2. Press Win+X then select Device Manager
  3. In the Cameras section, select an available camera device
  4. Right-click the camera device and select Update driver
  5. Click the Search automatically for drivers . option
  6. The system will download the latest driver (if any) and automatically install it

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Check via camera app

In order to take advantage of camera devices, Windows 10 has provided an application called Camera. This application has a fairly simple function, it only takes photos and videos.

There are no additional functions or features provided in the application.

To take photos or videos with “rough” resolution, it seems that this Camera application is sufficient. Especially if only to check the function of the camera device.

Make sure camera access is turned on

The Windows 10 operating system, for example, provides settings to enable or disable access on camera devices. This setting aims to regulate the use of the camera device by applications that have obtained permission.

Here are the steps to check camera access

  1. Press the Win+X button then select Settings
  2. Select the Privacy menu
  3. On the left side under App Permissions, select the Camera . option
  4. Make sure the camera access is in the On position
  5. If there is an application that you want to disable access to, set it to the Off position

How to Fix a Laptop Camera That Doesn't Work

Web camera hardware repair

The wisest choice if the laptop camera is damaged is to take it to an authorized service center or an expert technician for repair. The webcam may not be a vital component. However, for communication purposes, a webcam may be the device that should be available and working properly.

Therefore, if the laptop camera is deemed unusable, you should immediately contact the nearest laptop service center. There, you can request a camera repair service for laptops. Don’t forget to also provide a budget. If the laptop is still under warranty, you can file a warranty claim for the service.

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Use an external webcam

Laptop camera repair may be quite burdensome in terms of cost and time. Here, you can buy an external webcam (USB) device. This can be an alternative solution that is easier and cheaper.

In addition, webcams are also easier to find in many computer stores.

It’s just that, using an external webcam for a laptop may feel less comfortable when mobility.

Because, you have to carry a laptop while carrying a webcam at the same time.

Maybe, you should choose a webcam with a small size so that it is easier to carry around.

Those are some ways and steps to fix a laptop camera that doesn’t work normally. Hopefully useful and good luck..

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