How To Create Group In Telegram

By nagib

PUBLISHED 1:38 pm GMT+0700 Fri February 2021

Beside WhatsApp (WA), an instant messaging application that is quite popular is called telegram. Telegram features are very complete, and group chat is one of them. 

If you want to know how to create telegram groups, then you are in the right place.

Group chat on instant messaging apps is one very useful feature. Because through groups, you can communicate with many people at once.

The group feature on Telegram itself has been around for a long time. But unfortunately, there are still many who don’t know how the group works in this telegram.

Telegram groups also offer more complete features when compared to the group features on WhatsApp. You can create a telegram group with a total number of members up to 200 thousand people.

In addition, telegram groups can also be arranged whether they want to be displayed publicly or privately. You can communicate with your group members in the form of text messages, pictures, videos, stickers, voice notes, and even share files.

For more information, here’s how to create a complete group on Telegram, from managing groups, adding members to removing members.

How to Create Groups on Telegram

Telegram groups are perfect if you want to get together to communicate with your friends. Its very light application will make you feel at home communicating via telegram.

Follow how to create a telegram group below:

  1. Open the telegram application on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on the New Group menu.
  3. Then select the contacts you want to include as group members.
  4. Then tap the arrow icon at the bottom.
  5. Type your group name in the group name column.
  6. Tap the camera icon to add a group photo
  7. Finally tap the tick icon.
  8. Now you have successfully created a telegram group.

You can send text messages or other media to communicate with all members of your telegram group. As admin of telegram groups, you can manage and organize information and group members freely.

How to Manage Telegram Groups

1. Change Telegram Group Name and Photo

If you are a telegram group admin and want to change the group name and photo or logo, you can do it very easily. Following are the steps below:

  1. First open your telegram group.
  2. Then tap the group name at the top.
  3. Tap the pencil icon at the top.
  4. Type the name of the new group in the column provided.
  5. Or tap on the camera icon to change your group photo.
  6. Finally, tap the tick icon to save changes.

You can also add a description of your telegram group via the menu. Please use the description to explain in detail how your telegram group is.

2. Change Telegram Group Privacy

There are basically two kinds of ways of creating groups on telegram. Telegram groups with public privacy and telegram groups with private privacy. Here are the differences:

  • Private groups can only include members if they are invited by the admin or given a group link.
  • Public groups are everyone who can join, view chat contents, and can be searched by group username.

You can change the telegram group privacy via the group settings menu. If you implement a public group, then you will be able to set the group username to make it easier to find.

3. Set Telegram Group Chat History

After you already know how to create a telegram group, this stage can be very important for you as a telegram group admin.

The reason is, you can set whether group members can view the previous telegram chat history or not. Because if you set it to Hidden, the new member will not be able to find out any 100 messages before they join.

To set it up, you must first become a group admin. Then then you will find this menu in your telegram group settings.

4. How to Create a New Admin Telegram Group

If you are a telegram group admin, then you can also make group members admin as well.

The trick is to enter your telegram group settings, then press the Admin menu and select the Add admin option. Then just select which member you want to be the group admin.

Well, that’s how to create a telegram group and how to manage it properly and correctly. You can also set restrictions for telegram group members in the permissions menu section.

You can do this method for all versions of telegram, be it telegram on the android phone application, iphone, desktop such as a PC or laptop, even telegram via the web.

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