How To Change WhatsApp Numbers Without Losing Data And Accounts

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PUBLISHED 9:41 pm GMT+0700 Sun May 2021

How to change WhatsApp number without losing data and account . For some good reason, you might want to change your phone number on WhatsApp and that’s fine. Sometimes, the process of changing this WhatsApp number can be more complicated than usual, especially if you don’t want to lose your WhatsApp account and all your WA data and chat involved.

If so, then it could create problems finding a way to successfully change your number without losing your WhatsApp.

The good news is, there is still a way!

A new “Change Number” feature is available in the latest edition of the WhatsApp application. You now have the option to change your WhatsApp number whenever you want. There’s no need to worry about the complexity of this feature because it’s easy and straightforward to use.

Here’s how to change your WhatsApp number without changing your account for iPhone and Android.

Requirements: First of all, there are a few things to you must fulfil, which are:

  • Be sure that your new phone number is able to receive calls or SMS.
  • Be also sure that your old number is still verified on WhatsApp of your phone.

To change your WhatsApp number on iPhone and Android, follow the steps outlined below:

How to Change WhatsApp Numbers on iPhone Without Losing Data

The following is the entire steps to undergo in or to change WhatsApp on iPhone without data and account lose.

Step 1 – Open WhatsApp on your iOS iPhone Phone

Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

Step 2 – Now go to the “Settings” or “Settings” Menu

Head to ‘ Menu’ and then tap on’Settings’.

How to Change the WA Account Number

Step 3 – Choose the Account Menu

Tap on ‘ Account’.

Step 4 – Enter Old Mobile Number And New Number

And now choose the ‘ Change Number’.

How to Change WA Number to Change Number

You can now enter your old phone number in provided form.

And also enter your new phone in the bottom form.

How to Change WhatsApp iOS iPhone Cellphone Numbers

Step 5 – You can then choose ‘Done’ Button

Tap ‘ Done’ or Next at the top of your phone’s screen.

Now WhatsApp will ask you verify your new phone number.

Before going to change your WhatsApp phone number it’s recommended to fulfil the following:

  • Be sure you notify your entire WhatsApp contact about the phone’s number changing, so they won’t be confused.
  • Be sure you firstly confirm your new phone number can send or receive SMS or calls before changing the phone’s number.
  • Be sure your old phone number is verified by WhatsApp on your smartphone.

How to Change WhatsApp Numbers on Android Without Losing Data

Now we deal with the WhatsApp phone number change in Android Operating System based phone without losing data and account. The required steps as follow.

Step 1 – Open WhatsApp on your Android Phone

First off, just open your WhatsApp from your Android phone.

Step 2 – Open the “Settings” or “Settings” Menu

Now, tap the three dot icon from the top right of your screen, then choose ‘Settings’ menu .

How to Change WhatsApp Number on Android
Step 3 – Choose the Account Menu

Now choose ‘Account’ menu . Then, choose the option called ‘Change number’.

How to Change the Android WA Number

Step 4 – Enter Old Mobile Number And New Number

  • When the screen below shows up, just tap on the ‘Next’ button . And then type your old phone number at the top form, then your new number at the bottom form.
  • Followed with the tap on ‘Next’ button.

Changing the Old Number And New Number of WhatsApp

Step 5 – Select the ‘Done’ Button

  • In this phase, you are able to activate the ‘Notify Contact’ toggle to notify your contacts about the phone number’s changing.
  • If you are 100% certain to change your WhatsApp number, just tap ‘ Done’ button .

Step 6 – Now Enter the Verification Code

Well now you can enter your WhatsApp verification code sent by WhatsApp to your new number.

Confirm Change of WhatsApp Number

Chat history and other data will remain intact on your phone with a new phone number.

Those are the whole steps and how to change the WhatsApp number on Android and on iPhone, Hopefully this is useful. See you again in future posts about technology and tips from Dubidam.ID.

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