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How to Back Up WhatsApp on Google Drive

“Prevention is better than cure.” This slogan also applies when we use WhatsApp. Before anything bad happens, we should make a backup of it.

In my opinion, WhatsApp is a messaging platform that has many advantages. Besides being lightweight, this application provides a backup feature in it. This feature will certainly help us in various ways.

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One of them, this feature is very important at least so that we don’t lose important data on the platform. In addition, by backing up data from this application, we can easily switch phones without considering how our WhatsApp messaging data is.

The good thing about this WhatsApp, we can back up or backup WhatsApp data locally on the device, or online on Google Drive.

To back up WhatsApp on your device locally, you don’t need to set it up, because the app will automatically back up at 02.00 am every day.

And to recover it is also very easy, for example when we accidentally delete a message by mistake. You just need to open the WhatsApp folder on the sd card, then open the Databases folder. In this folder, you can find all the backups of WhatsApp data.


To use it again, copy the WhatsApp backup data which has the format msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt** , then change it to msgstore.db.crypt** without changing the number in the .crypt extension** . After that, enter it into the Databases folder again to restore the backup. After that uninstall and reinstall your WhatsApp. (** can be numbers 12, 10, 9, and others)

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However, it’s different from backing up data on Google Drive, as you need to set it up to make it automatic. However, since syncing can take up quite a bit of data, depending on the size of the uploaded media, you can back it up manually.


How to Backup WhatsApp on Google Drive

How to Backup WhatsApp on Google Drive
How to Backup WhatsApp on Google Drive

By backing up WhatsApp data to Google Drive, you can easily recover data when you install WhatsApp again, whether on a new device or the same device. The method is as follows.

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Open the three-dot icon located at the top right
  3. Select the Settings menu , then select Chats , and select Chat Backup
  4. Set the Google account to use by pressing Account
  5. Click BACK UP to back up manually, and if permission appears, click BACK UP
  6. To back up automatically, you can tap Back up to Google Drive Option , and select the duration of the backup time.
  7. To save quota, click Back up over and select Wi-Fi
  8. Don’t forget to check Include Videos

After backing up on Google Drive, you can recover data more easily than manually. Because, automatically, when you install WhatsApp using the same number and connected Google account, the Application will offer recovery options.

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