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How To Add Like And Emoji Reaction On WhatsApp Web

Although it is not a new application, the features in the WhatsApp application are quite interesting to discuss. What’s more, this chat application is quite routinely updated with various new features.

The simple goal is to make it easier for users in the field of communication.

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In addition to the WhatsApp application on each user’s smartphone device, the WhatsApp Web site is also quite popular.

Although the features on WhatsApp Web are not as complete as those on the WhatsApp mobile app; but with WhatsApp Web, users don’t need to always check their smartphone when there is an incoming WhatsApp message.

WhatApp Web Plus Extension For WhatsApp

Although the features on WhatsApp Web are very lacking, with the help of the Google Chrome browser extension, you can add some more features.

There are even WhatsApp Web features that the WhatsApp Mobile application does not have.


Actually there are several Google Chrome browser extensions that can complement the features on the WhatsApp Web site. One of them is the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension.

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By activating this extension, you can add several features on WhatsApp Web. One of them is showing like button and emoji reaction on WhatsApp Web.


Tutorials To Add Like And Emoji On WhatsApp Web

1. Open the WhatsApp Web site using the Google Chrome browser on your computer / laptop device. Then, tap on the puzzle icon and tap on the Google Chrome extension called WA Web Plus for WhatsApp.

If the extension has not been installed on the Google Chrome browser application on your computer / laptop. You need to install and activate the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension on the Google Chrome browser application via the Chome Web Store site first.

WA Web Plus for WhatsApp

2. To display a like button next to the text field and display a reaction emoji on every received WhatsApp message. Activate the enable like button feature to activate the like button and enable massage reaction to display emoji reactions on every message received.

Enable Like And Emoji On WhatsApp Web Site

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3. Here’s what the like button looks like on WhatsApp Web. Tap the like icon next to the text field, to send a like emoji.

Like On WhatsApp Web On Google Chrome Site

4. As for displaying emoji reactions on every message received. Tap once on the message, then several emoji displays will appear. Select and tap one of the available emoji.

Emoji Emoticon Web WhatsApp Using WA Google Chrome

My Conclusion

What do you think? It’s not too difficult to display like buttons and emoji reactions on WhatsApp Web, right?

Because it is a like and emoji reaction message, your message will still appear on the WhatsApp mobile application and on the WhatsApp Web site that is opened using another browser.

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