How To Activate Office 2019, Permanent And Hassle-Free

By nagib

PUBLISHED 1:01 pm GMT+0700 Wed March 2021

Okay, this time we will discuss on how to activate Microsoft Office 2019, which is not complicated process and completely permanent.

The result is that you will have an activated Office 2019 program. But make sure you have firstly installed Office 2019 on your Windows computer.

Microsoft Office 2019, which is the latest version of the Office series, includes a myriad of software for managing text documents, images, presentations, charts and so on.

If you guys already has Office 2019 software installed but it has not been activated, you can only review ( view only ) Office documents and everything will be very limited and cannot use all products from Office 2019 that are already available.

The Microsoft Office 2019 activation process requires a paid license key / product key, and the price is certainly not cheap. This is the problem that often time makes us stuck to which forcing us to accept the fact that we can only use the non-activated Microsoft Office 2019 facilities which are full of limitations after the trial period ends.

Because without a product key you don’t have the key to open the house, in Microsoft Office 2019 you will find many notifications such as Product Deactivated when opening an Office product, and also Office Unlicensed Product.

So once again I remind you that you need a License Key to activate Office 2019, but don’t worry, here you can activate without a License Key. For that we can use the activation command via CMD or a tool called KMS Office 2019 which functions as a keygen to activate your Office 2019.

2 How to activate Office 2019 without a permanent license key

Choose one of the 3 ways that I recommend here, but the easiest way is the first, which is using CMD which I recommend the most, if it fails with CMD, then try the second method, namely the KMS Office software.

But first off I remind you to first turn off Windows Defender and also the antivirus software on your Windows which may block the KSM Office 2019 download process. Well, let’s go straight to the activation process of Microsoft Office 2019 below.

Method 1. Activation instructions for Office 2019 are legal with CMD

  1. Open this URL then copy all the existing code.
  2. Then open Notepad, then paste the entire code, and save the file, name it 1click.cmd.
Save to Notepatep And Name It 1clickcmd
Save to Notepatep And Name It 1clickcmd
  1. Right click on 1click.cmd then click Run As Administrator .
Right Click 1click.cmd And Choose Run As Administrator
Right Click 1click.cmd And Choose Run As Administrator
  1. The Command Prompt will immediately open to activate the Office 2019 activation process on your computer.
  2. If it is successful, a display like this will appear.
Successfully Activated Office 2019
Successfully Activated Office 2019

Video tutorial for legal activation of Office 2019 without software

If you prefer to follow the tutorial with video then please watch the following video.

Method 2. Activate Microsoft Office 2019 with KMSAuto Net

You can also use another method, namely KMSAuto Net, this software is very useful and easy to use. For that, just follow the steps.

  1. Download KMS Auto Net, then right-click on KMSAuto Net.exe and select Run As Administrator to open the software.

Click Run As Administrator KMSAuto
Click Run As Administrator KMSAuto
  1. This is the KMSAuto Net display, then click the Activation button .
Activate Microsoft Office KMS Auto Net Button
Activate Microsoft Office KMS Auto Net Button
  1. Then click the Activate Office button to start the Microsoft Office 2019 activation process.

Then the Office 2019 activation process will begin immediately. If successful then you get the Product Successfully Activated message . That means the activation process was successful.

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