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Fix WhatsApp Can’t Send Messages Problem

WhatsApp Cannot Send Messages – WhatsApp is a chat application that rarely has problems and is known to be very smart to support online communication of its users.

However, that doesn’t mean WhatsApp is free from problems. Because no application is perfect, including WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp users have complained that WhatsApp cannot send messages. The text message they wrote was not delivered to the recipient.

Of course, this is very disturbing. If you are experiencing this, there is no need to worry. Because you can fix this.

If previously I have discussed the solution for WhatsApp not being able to send photos, this time we discuss how to solve another WhatsApp problem, which is:

How To  Fix WhatsApp Can’t Send Messages

1. Check Internet Connection

Not a few WhatsApp users complain that their text messages are not sent. One of the most important things when we are using a data network-based application is to check the internet connection.


Therefore, check that your internet connection is fine, connected and working properly.

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Here’s how to solve a problematic internet connection:

  1. Please check the internet connection by doing any ‘Searching‘ through the browser. If the loading is long (slow) and doesn’t finish, it means that the network connection is indeed having an error.
  2. Then check the ‘Signal‘ section , make sure there is no ‘Cross‘ sign
  3. Also make sure the internet quota is still there and the data network is on.
  4. Next, turn on Airplane Mode for a while, then turn it off, and turn on Data Networking again.

If you have done all these steps, then try sending the WhatsApp message again to see if your WhatsApp message is sent successfully.

Note. If using an internet data package you can’t connect WhatsApp to the internet, you should switch to a Wifi connection, which is more stable of course.

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2. Check Destination Number (Recipient WhatsApp Number)

Re-checking the destination number may seem trivial, but this is an important part. This of course affects the success or failure of the WhatsApp message to be sent.

If you see the ‘City Clock‘ sign in the WhatsApp chat for too long while the network condition is stable, it is likely that the destination number is no longer active or the recipient is deactivating WhatsApp.

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Alternatively, the message will be sent to someone else (not the actual recipient) or the wrong number will eventually ignore your chat.

Therefore, please make sure again that the recipient’s WhatsApp number is still active and correct.

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3. Make sure your WhatsApp number is not blocked

It’s no secret that the Block Contacts feature on WhatsApp is a useful service to limit or prevent someone from contacting us.

This could be the cause as to why you cannot send messages on WhatsApp to the destination number. Because your number is blocked. Some characteristics that the sender’s number is blocked by the recipient are:

  • If you send a message to a recipient who (is) blocking your WhatsApp, the message will never be sent.
  • The message will forever be ‘Tick One’ and never ‘Tick Two’.

The solution is please contact through another application, for example a phone call or text message (SMS). You can ask carefully the reason for the blocking, because it could be that the recipient is just deactivating WA.

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4. Clear Cache and Reduce Stacked Messages

WhatsApp Bug can happen to anyone. Clearing the cache and reducing the message stack can help ease the work on WhatsApp.

You can also do this method for several problems with WhatsApp, including WhatsApp not being able to send messages. Here’s how:

  1. Please open Settings on your cellphone
  2. Then enter the Applications menu or Manage Applications
  3. Then find and select the WhatsApp application
  4. Please enter the Storage menu
  5. Then click Clear Cache

Also, please try deleting old messages and clearing phone call logs on the WhatsApp application as well.

5. Update the WhatsApp Application

The next recommendation to solve WhatsApp cannot send message is to update the WhatsApp application. Because it could be that the WhatsApp you are using is very outdate.

You need to know that every latest version of WhatsApp always comes with new abilities and features in it.

Here’s how to update the WhatsApp application:

  1. Please go to Google Play Store
  2. Then search for the WhatsApp application, then please click Update (if any)

6. Restart Smartphone

The last step to solve WhatsApp cannot send messages is to restart the cellphone.

Some problems that occur in Android applications will usually be resolved by reloading the cellphone ( restart ), this WhatsApp sending message problem is no exception.

Here’s how to restart smartphone or smart device:

  1. Many Androids today use a built-in battery, so the way to restart it is by long pressing the on / off button until several options appear.
  2. Then select Reload or Restart
  3. Wait a few moments until the process is complete
  4. Then please turn on Network Data to try sending WhatsApp messages again.

If there is a problem with WhatsApp, please first solve the internal factors such as cache cleaning, messages piling up, the destination number is blocking you as described above.

If you have done everything recommended here, it is very likely that WhatsApp will work as usual.

But if you still can’t send messages, WhatsApp could be experiencing a mass error ( WhatsApp Down ). If this happens, the solution is to just wait until WhatsApp is back to normal.

How to find out that WhatsApp is down by asking other users whether they are experiencing the same thing or not.

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Well guys, that’s the review regarding how to solve WhatsApp not being able to send messages. Hopefully useful and helpful.

See you again guys!

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