Here Is How To Deal With WhatsApp Cannot Send Photos, Videos, And GIFs Problems

By nagib

PUBLISHED 12:12 pm GMT+0700 Sun April 2021

One of the problems when using WhatsApp is that it cannot send photos and videos, this seems contradiction with the widely known opinion that WhatsApp is the simplest application that we can use to send photos and videos to friends or groups.

WhatsApp itself has become the most popular messaging application today, almost all smartphone users in the world use it. Apart from being very light this application is also directly connected to the cellphone number making it easier for us to exchange contacts.

Back to the topic of our discussion in this post, WhatsApp cannot send photos or videos to friend or group contacts. This problem usually occurs because there is a problem with the internet network used or the broken WhatsApp application.

Here are some ways you can try to solve it:

1. Update the WhatsApp application

The first way to deal with WhatsApp not being able to send pictures and videos is because the application is outdated.

When the WA version on our cellphone is never updated, we will not get fixes for old bugs in the application. This could cause problems, especially if the version is too far behind.

If WA can no longer be used to open or send videos, images, gifs or other files, the first step we can try is to update the application. Just open Playstore and update from there.

After that try sending photos or videos via WhatsApp again, if the problem is caused by an outdated application then this first method will work.

2. Reset internet connection

A jammed internet connection could also be the reason WhatsApp can’t send photos and videos. Sometimes the internet connection that we use experiences interference without us knowing it, especially for internet quota users from SIM cards, now one way to overcome this is to reset it.

If you use a mobile data (SIM card) to surf the internet, the method to reset it is as follows:

  1. Enable airplane mode> pause> then turn airplane mode off again
  2. Press * # * # 4636 # * # * > select Phone information 1 or 2 depending on what SIM is used to surf> Turn off radio> pause> Turn on radio
  3. Restart the cellphone

For subscribed WiFi users, the way to reset it is to reset the modem.

After doing one of the several methods above, the internet connection on the smartphone will reset itself automatically and we will get a new Public IP. Usually after doing a reset like this the internet connection will be smooth. Try sending photos or videos via WhatsApp again, is it possible?

3. Change the connection to mobile data or Wifi

If WhatsApp still can’t send pictures, photos or videos then we have to find out if the cause is because of the internet connection we are using.

If using mobile data then try changing to WiFi and vice versa. From here we will know which connection causes WhatsApp unable to send photos and videos.

We can also try to join hotspot from a friend’s smartphone to make sure whether our connection is problematic or even the application or the cellphone. Usually, fixing the internet connection will allow WhatsApp to work normally again.

This method can be tried in all cellphone brands including Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Advan, iPhone, also iPad and tablets. Please just try it first.

4. Change card

The smooth running of the internet from one provider to another must be different in each region. If your area is known for frequent interference or the signal probelm for a certain card, then you can try to change another card.

Find out which provider has a smooth signal and internet connection, use that provider and try to use it to send photos and videos via WhatsApp.

5. Install the gallery application

WhatsApp must be connected with the gallery application in order to handle image and video file formats. When the gallery application on our cellphone has a problem, WA will not be able to send photos.

One of the powerful ways to solve this problem is to install a new gallery application.

One application that I recommend is Simple Gallery: Photo Manager & Editor. You can download this application directly for free from the Playstore.
Simple Gallery: Photo Manager & Editor

After the Simple Gallery: Photo Manager & Editor application is installed try again to send photo and video files via WhatsApp, later when asked to choose which application to use, choose the application that was just installed.

6. Reinstall WhatsApp

If all the methods above have been tried but WhatsApp still can’t be used to send photo or video files, the next solution is to install the new WhatsApp application.

Maybe the cause of this problem is the application on our cellphone that is already corrupt, if this is the case then the only way is to delete it and then install a new one again.

Urgent! Before uninstalling WhatsApp, don’t forget to backup all existing chats and media.

Here is the complete tutorial to backup chats and contacts on WhatsApp.

Hopefully after WA is reinstalled it can be used to send photos and videos again.

7. Use WhatsApp on a laptop

This is the final solution. If the files to be sent are important enough and need to be sent as soon as possible then the quick solution is to use WhatsApp desktop or WhatsApp web.

To open it we need a laptop or PC connected to the internet. How to use it is very easy, here is the tutorial:

Tutorial to use WhatsApp on PC.

If you open it from your laptop, you can definitely send photos and videos. After the business is done, maybe you need to continue to repair WhatsApp on the cellphone. Try repeating the methods above again, maybe this time it will work.

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