7 Solutions To Fix PUBG Mobile Can’t Be Opened

By nagib

PUBLISHED 9:44 pm GMT+0700 Mon April 2021

In this post, I will share how to deal with PUBG Mobile that cannot be opened when you want to play it.

The appearance of the error can be vary, some are stuck while loading, the screen turns white, or the application suddenly exits by itself.

It’s a different case with the PUBG Mobile can’t log in, this problem is usually caused due to problems with Facebook authentication or even banned accounts.

If the PUBG Mobile application cannot be opened, usually the cause is the corrupt application or problems with the cellphone we are using.

7 Solutions To Fix PUBG Mobile Can’t Be Opened

1. Update the application

Before doing other tips, we should first try updating the application. If the version of the client application that we are currently using is out of date, it can cause this problem>

One of the functions of updating is to fix bugs, so if our application hasn’t been updated then the bug is still there and hasn’t been fixed.

Try updating the PUBG Mobile application first on your cellphone. Use WiFi if you don’t want to use up your internet data. After the update, try again to open the application, is it possible? If not, continue to the second tip.

2. Reset internet connection

The second method to fix PUBG Mobile cannot be opened, is resetting the internet connection that we are using. Sometimes the internet connection on the cellphone gets stuck for no apparent reason, especially when using the internet data from a SIM card (mobile data).

Indeed, the signal on the cellphone looks normal and even full, but the internet connection is not working. I often experience this when using Xiaomi, it might also happen to other brands of cellphones such as Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, iPhone, Advan, Asus, and Redmi Note.

Now the only way to solve this is to reset the internet connection. When we reset our internet connection, we will get a new Public IP and the connection can run smoothly again.

The method is very easy, just choose one of the following methods:

  1. Enable airplane mode> pause> then turn airplane mode off again
  2. Press *#*#4636#*#*  > select Phone information 1 or 2 depending on what SIM is used to surf> Turn off radio> pause> Turn on radio
  3. Restart the cellphone

After the internet on the cellphone runs smoothly again, try opening PUBG Mobile again, does this method work? If it doesn’t, the PUBG still can’t be opened, try following the next steps below.

3. Change to mobile data or WiFi

If PUBG Mobile cannot be opened when we are using mobile data, then also try changing the connection to WiFi or vice versa, when PUBG Mobile cannot be opened with a WiFi connection, change the internet connection on the smartphone using mobile data.

It is possible that one of these connections is the source of the problem. The only best way to find out is to exchange it.

Usually a connection problem like this causes PUBG Mobile to crash while loading, maybe the application can still be opened but the loading process is not complete, aka stuck.

4. Clear application data

After trying to fix the internet connection problem but it turns out that PUBG Mobile still can’t be opened, the next step is to try to fix corrupt application data.

The best way is to clean the application data on the cellphone. On Android phones we can do this without having to reinstall the application.

The trick is to enter Settings> Apps> PUBG Mobile> Clear data.

This option will clean all application data, leaving only the client program behind. After clearing the data, we will be asked to re-login and download the latest updates and maps.

If the source of the problem is in the corrupt application data then this method should be able to solve the PUBG Mobile error problem and cannot be opened.

5. Scan your smartphone with antivirus

Malware and viruses on cellphones without us knowing it can also cause many problems such as applications that cannot be opened, cellphones heat up quickly, or even cause bootloops.

When PUBG Mobile on a cellphone cannot be opened without us knowing exactly what the cause is even though it was fine before, we should be suspicious that there is malware or virus on the cellphone.

To find out is to install an antivirus and then do a full scan of the system. Some antivirus applications for Android are pretty good and you can try them, such as:

  • Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
  • Avast Mobile Security
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Free
  • Norton Security & Antivirus

Install one of these applications, you can get it for free from Playstore. After that, scan the cellphone, see if any malware or viruses are detected. After cleaning, try again to open the PUBG Mobile application.

6. Fresh install the PUBG Mobile application

If all the tips above have been carried out but PUBG Mobile still can’t be opened, then we can try to re-install the application. Sometimes this method is powerful enough to overcome various kinds of errors.

I myself, every time there is a major update, I usually don’t update via Playstore or via the application, but I deleted the old client application then did a fresh install, this can prevent a lot of problems because sometimes if it’s just an update there are still bugs left behind.

Please try deleting the PUBG Mobile application on the cellphone first, then install it again to the latest version. Hopefully this method can work.

7. Upgrad your smartphone

This is the last solution, if you have done all the methods but PUBG Mobile still can’t be opened, maybe the one that’s wrong is the cellphone. Maybe the cellphone used is quite behind both in terms of specs and the Android version.

The minimum PUBG Mobile specifications for cellphones are at least using Android version 5.1.1 and having 2GB of RAM. In theory, a cellphone with such specs can play this game, but in fact, if our cellphone has really mediocre specs, it will usually lag when playing.

Even worse, it might cause other problems like the app not opening at all. So if you feel that your cellphone is not strong enough, you can save first to upgrade your cellphone. I hope this helps.

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