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How To Find Out If Someone Is Blocking You In WhatsApp

Find out if someone is blocking you in WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world. Its rich and easy-to-use features are the main attraction of WhatsApp.

Including the matter of security features that make users feel more secure and comfortable when chatting via WhatsApp.

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One of the security features that WhatsApp has is blocking. This feature is also present on most messaging platforms as well as social media.

As the name implies, the block feature is useful for blocking other WhatsApp accounts from communicating with users. Usually, users block contacts who often send spam or send unwanted promotional advertisements. So very annoying.

If someone blocks another WhatsApp user, the blocked contact will not receive a notification. It makes other people not immediately realize that the contact has been blocked.

Even if you don’t have notifications, there are some signs that can be an early indication that someone has blocked someone else’s WhatsApp account. Here’s how to check if someone blocked our WhatsApp or not.


1. Pay attention to the user’s “last seen” or “online” status

If you want to check whether someone has blocked you or not, look at the “last seen” description at the top of the chat box.

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Also see the status “online” on the top side whether it appears or not. If you don’t see the last seen and online status, there’s a good chance you’ve been blocked.


Keep in mind, some WhatsApp users use third-party applications that are not official or called WhatsApp Mods (modifications). One of the popular WhatsApp Mod applications is WhatsApp GB.

The unofficial WhatsApp application can be set to hide the “last seen” or “online” status. So, if the account you suspect is blocking you turns out to be using WhatsApp GB, it seems that you need to find other instructions to make sure.

2. Can’t see profile photo

Generally, if someone blocks someone else’s WhatsApp account, then the blocked person cannot see the profile photo of the person who blocked it. Usually the profile photo will be replaced with a blank photo like a new user.

However, this needs to be confirmed again. Who knows, the account is not currently posting a profile photo.

Alternatively, WhatsApp allows us to set the profile photo to show only to contacts, or to no one. As is known, WhatsApp has a feature to hide profile photos.

3. Messages sent only “tick one”

Chat Not Sent Only Tick One
Chat Not Sent Only Tick One
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You can try to check if someone else blocked your WhatsApp account by sending a message to that user. Does the chat you send show a tick one? If so, chances are you’ve been blocked.

However, it could be that when you send a message, the number in question is not connected to the internet or the cellphone is off. It could also be that the number is no longer active. To be sure, re-send the message at a later time with sufficient time intervals.

4. Call not connected

Call not connected WhatsApp
Call not connected WhatsApp

Still unsure about just sending a message? Try to continue checking by calling him via WhatsApp. If the call is not connecting or being forwarded, it is very likely that your WhatsApp number has been blocked.

If after checking you find the characteristics of numbers one to four, it is almost certain that your number has been blocked by the contact.

How to block someone else ‘s Whatsapp account

In addition to knowing whether your Whatsapp account is blocked or not, you can also block users who are considered quite annoying. Here’s how to block someone else’s WhatsApp account:

  • Open Whatsapp
  • Tap “More Options”
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap Account
  • Select “Privacy”
  • Select “Blocked Contacts”
  • Tap “Add” at the top right
  • Then select the contact you want to block

If you change your mind and intend to unblock the contact, here’s how:

  • Open Whatsapp
  • Tap “More Options” or the three dots
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Account”
  • Select “Privacy”
  • Select “Contact blocked”
  • Select the contact you want to unblock
  • Tap on “ Unblock (contact)

Now you and the contact can send messages and calls to each other as usual, with a note, the contact does not turn back to block your WhatsApp number.

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