Explaining Telegram For New Users And Its Features

By nagib

PUBLISHED 2:03 pm GMT+0700 Fri February 2021

Telegram users continue to experience an increase in Indonesia. Telegram is increasingly known because it is considered to have many advantages over similar applications.

Telegram can be used on various operating systems. Starting from Android, Iphone, Windows Phone and also desktops such as Windows, Mac, Linux, to MacOS.

Telegram is a chat messaging application that allows users to send secret, end-to-end encrypted chat messages for added security.

Telegram offers speed and security in sending messages. By using cloud technology , users don’t need to worry about their device’s storage space being very large.

So how do you play Telegram? What features can we use? Check out the full explanation as follows.

Telegram App On Smartphone

How to Use Telegram

First, install the Telegram application on your device. Next, register using your phone number to get a verification code.

After successful, complete the profile data that you want to display. The account also includes a username in the form of a link. By sharing the link, you can invite other users without using a phone number.

Telegram will automatically display a list of contacts on your phone who also have the application.

Features in Telegram

Telegram offers other very useful features for its users, some of which are as follows.

Secret Chat

Although Telegram has been equipped with encryption security technology in sending messages, it still has a security feature called secret chat . In secret chat mode , messages that are sent cannot be forwarded or redistributed, they cannot even be screenshot . Sent messages can also be automatically deleted within a certain time.

Telegram Channel

The channel feature on Telegram allows us to communicate with multiple users. However, only channel creators can send messages.

This feature can be used if you want to broadcast information in the form of text, videos, and images for followers on our channel. In this feature we are free to add any number of followers.

Telegram groups

Telegram also provides group features for those who want to communicate together in a group chat. The advantage of the Telegram group is that the number of members who can join reaches 200 thousand people. This number is more than any other chat application.

BOT Telegram

The existence of BOT can help users to do various things in the application. For example, playing games, translating languages, downloading videos, and even selling credit.

BOT is an account or application that can be created by anyone who is an expert in programming, its function is to make it easier for other Telegram users.

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