Easy Ways To Share A Printer In Windows 7 Via A LAN / Wifi Network

By nagib

PUBLISHED 9:41 pm GMT+0700 Tue May 2021

Sharing a printer is one of the benefits of a computer network. Besides being able to save expenses, using this printer sharing feature can also save time. So, we no longer need to spend extra money to buy a printer for each computer. Or we don’t need to go back and forth just to print documents. Just provide one printer and we just need to sit at the computer to print.

This printer sharing can be applied to wired and wireless LAN networks. The most important thing is that each computer must be able to connect properly to the computer that is connected to the printer.

In Windows 7, to share this printer, we are required to activate the “File and printer sharing” feature . After this feature is activated, we can immediately do printer sharing, as follows. For those who can’t, please follow the printer sharing steps below.

First, click the start button , then select Devices and Printers.

Devices And Printers


After that will open windows devices and printers. In this window, we can see what hardware is connected to the computer, one of which is a printer. Determine which printer we want to share. Right click on the printer, then select printer properties.

Printer Properties

The printer properties window will open. Select the Sharing tab on the window.

Sharing Tab On Printer

After that, give a checkbox on the share this printer option . We can name it according to our wishes. Then click Apply, Ok.

Share This Printer PC

Well, now the printer has been successfully shared and ready to be used by other connected computers. If it is successful in sharing, then we can access the printer. The method is as follows.

We can access it via windows Explorer. In the Address bar, type the IP address of the computer that was sharing earlier. Example of writing format in the Address bar “”, without quotes. IP address tailored to each network.

My Computer

After that, you will see what the computer has shared, one of which is a printer. Well, on the printer right click then select Connect… . Wait a few moments until the Connecting process is complete.

Connect Printer To Windows

When finished, and our computer can access the shared printer, we can test print a document. Usually before printing, we are given the option to choose which printer to use. Well, in this option we select a shared printer, the characteristic is after the printer name must be written the IP address of the computer. After selecting the printer, we can print the document.

Share Printer To Windows PC Now

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