Download Windows 10 32 Bit – 64 Bit ISO (Image)

By nagib

PUBLISHED 6:41 pm GMT+0700 Sun May 2021

Want to download a Windows 10 ISO image? Then you are on the right page, here you will find information on how to download the Windows 10 ISO file and how to install it.

Windows 10 ISO is readily available for everyone. Because Microsoft has provided ISO files from the latest Windows series so that users can download them and / or use them for installation / upgrades without problems.

For this reason, Microsoft has provided various ways to download and install Windows 10. But in this post I only provide two ways that I’ve tried and are successful.

Well, we can go straight to the download section of Windows 10 ISO if all colleagues are impatient.

Download Windows 10 ISO 32-bit And 64-bit Downloader

Software name Windows ISO Downloader
Developer Heidoc
Software Version
Software Size 6.29 MB
File Format .exe
Benefits of Files To download Windows 10


To download Windows 10 ISO, colleagues must first download the Windows ISO Downloader from Heidoc which has official access to the Microsoft database.

Download Windows ISO Downloader

The file is in the form of .exe. Then you need to open the folder of your computer where you saved the .exe file.

  1. Once downloaded, open the .exe file from ISO Downloader, and click Run in the small popup box.

Windows 10 ISO Downloader

  1. Then you will find a display software like this. Look at the right, you click on Windows 10.

Windows 10 ISO Downloader Select Download Windows 10 ISO Image

  1. After selecting Windows 10. Then it will change to look like this.

Select Windows 10 ISO Download Edition

  1. You can select the edition of Windows 10 you want in the dropdown menu then click the Confirm button . For example I choose the Windows 10 Home / Pro edition, it will be taken to the following screen.

Confirm Download Windows 10 ISO Computer

  1. Then select the language and click Confirm again.

Now Select Windows 10 ISO Download Language

  1. In the next screen you are asked to select a bit system for Windows 10 downloads: 32-bit or 64-bit.

Select Download Windows 10 ISO 32 Bit Or 64 Bit

  1. For example, I choose 64-bit then I will click 64-bit then click Save in the popup that appears.

Save the Windows 10 ISO Download File

  1. Then select a directory or folder to save the Windows 10 ISO file on your computer.

Save Windows 10 ISO Download File On Computer

Video on how to download Windows 10 ISO from HeiDoc

If you are more suitable to follow the tutorial with videos, then I invite you to watch the following video which can be used to download Windows 10 ISO from HeiDoc.

What now man? Do you want to activate the Windows 10 you just downloaded and installed? If so, please go to how to activate Windows 10 very easily and the method in that post is also accompanied by a neat video tutorial.

Congratulations friends because you have successfully downloaded Windows 10 on your computer. Oh yes, if you have any questions regarding the download process or such, just write your questions on the provided comment area.

See you again on the next posts in the future.

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