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Download WhatsApp Transparent APK

Judging from the name, surely you already know what WhatsApp transparent is. Yes, WhatsApp transparent is the latest variant of WA Mod which has a transparent appearance.

This uniqueness makes WA transparent widely used by WA Mod lovers.

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Actually, WhatsApp is a further development of WhatsApp Plus, so these two WA Mods have the exact same features. If you want to know more about WhatsApp transparent, then you can listen to the review below.

Actually, WhatsApp is a further development of WhatsApp Plus, so these two WA Mods have the exact same features. If you want to know more about WhatsApp transparent, then you can listen to the review below.

What is WhatsApp Transparent?

WhatsApp Transparent

WhatsApp Transparent is a WA Mod developed by Fouad Mods and has a transparent appearance. In terms of features, this application is not much different from other versions of WA Mod, such as WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp and so on.


The difference is only in appearance, where transparent WhatsApp has a transparent appearance, which other WA Mods don’t have. This WhatsApp Mod is also superior to the others, because it was just released one year ago.

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Of course, the usual bugs and errors in the WA Mod have been fixed, the function has also been optimized so that it makes users comfortable. Experience a comfortable and unique communication only by using transparent WhatsApp.


The Difference between WhatsApp Transparent and Original WhatsApp

WhatsApp Transparent is WhatsApp that has been modified, so it has features and looks that the official version does not have. So that you understand more about this WA Mod, you can see the table of differences between the two below.

Feature WhatsApp Transparent WhatsApp Original
Better Privacy Features Yes Some things cannot be hidden, such as online status, typing and recording.
Download WA Story Yes Not
Transparent display Yes Not
Varied Themes Yes Limited
Varied Emojis Yes Not
Anti Revoke Status and Messages Yes Not
Send Files Without Losing Resolution Yes Not
Send Long Status Yes Not
Display Customization Yes Not
Send Large Files Yes Not

There are many more features that are transparent in WhatsApp and don’t exist in the official WhatsApp. All of the advantages above can be a strong consideration if you want to use transparent WhatsApp.

Don’t worry, using WhatsApp Mod is very safe, because it has been optimized with anti-blocking/ban features. Official developers will not be able to detect if the cellphone number you are using is connected to an unofficial WhatsApp.

Featured Features of WhatsApp Transparent

Here’s a brief explanation of some of the excellent features of WhatsApp transparent.

1. Performance and Display Optimized

Performance and Display Optimized WhatsApp Transparent Download APK

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In this latest WA Mod, not only the appearance is innovative, the performance of the application is also getting improved. As a result, the app performs just as well as the official version, even though it was developed by a second-party developer.

So users can do what can be done on official WhatsApp, such as private chats, group chats, video calls, group video calls and so on. Its function is the same as the official version plus other advantages that make many users switch to using transparent WhatsApp.

2. Better Privacy Features

For the majority of users, the official WhatsApp has not protected the privacy of its users well, especially with regard to their activities on WhatsApp. In fact, some people want everything to be confidential, including the online status that immediately appears when opening WhatsApp.

The good news is that transparent WhatsApp offers enhanced privacy features. Thanks to this WA Mod, you can hide some information, such as:

  • Double Ticks
  • Blue Ticks
  • Status Online
  • Status Typing
  • Status Recording
  • Blue Microphone and so on.

You will feel safe and not feel watched after enabling any or all of the privacy features above.

3. Customize Display

Customize Display WhatsApp Transparent Download Apk

WhatsApp Mod users can also customize the appearance according to taste. This cannot be done on official WhatsApp, all font shapes, sizes, colors, application themes and so on are set and cannot be changed by the user themselves.

Now, by using transparent WhatsApp, you can easily customize the appearance of WhatsApp, such as changing:

  • Theme
  • Sticker packs
  • Notification icon
  • Status WA
  • Fonts (style, size, color) and so on.

Feel the experience of chatting with friends and family using a messaging application that you can customize according to your taste.

4. Anti Banned

Anti Banned WhatsApp Transparent Download APK Android OS

Interestingly, this WhatsApp Mod is also equipped with an anti-ban feature, which makes users feel calm when using this application. So, even if you use an unofficial version, your account will not be detected at all.

But if you are still worried, then you can use the second number. If it turns out to be blocked, the main number is still safe. So far it’s still safe, there have been no user reports that their number has been blocked by WhatsApp.

5. Send Large Files

Send Large Files WhatsApp Transparent Android APK Download

When you want to send a file (photo/video) to another user, the size is already set by WhatsApp. If it exceeds that size, the file will not be able to be sent, because it must be converted or reduced in size first.

In contrast to WhatsApp transparent, which allows users to send large files, up to a maximum of 1 GB. This is very practical for those of you who often share files with others via WhatsApp.

6. Anti Delete Messages & Status

Anti Delete Message And Status WhatsApp Trnsparent Android

The excellent feature of this WA Mod that will not be on the official WhatsApp is anti-revoke messages and status. So, thanks to this feature, statuses and messages that have been deleted by the sender will still be visible to you.

So you won’t feel curious when a message is sent to you, once it’s open, it actually says This message was deleted.

Latest Transparent WhatsApp Download Link

Download WhatsApp Transparent APK

Application Name Transparent WhatsApp
New version 10.20
Last Update May 2021
File Size 43 MB
Link Download WhatsApp Transparent Apk

How to Install Transparent WA

WhatsApp Transparent APK Download

  • Download WA transparent APK via the above URL.
  • After logging into the website, wait a while until the counter becomes 0 and Download Now appears .
  • Then click Download Now and wait for the download to complete.
  • While waiting for the download to complete, open Settings on your smartphone, go to Privacy and Security and then check Unknown source.
  • After the download is complete, install the transparent WA Mod APK.
  • Once installed, open WA transparent and register to a WA account as usual.

How to Update WA Transparent

How To Update WhatsApp Transparent APK Android OS

  • Open WA transparent.
  • Go to Settings by clicking the three dots at the top right.
  • Select GB Settings.
  • Go to Update and select Check for Updates to check whether there is a newer version or not.
  • If it is available, you can download it.
  • Once installed, transparent WA has been successfully updated.

WhatsApp Transparent can be an option if you are looking for a WA Mod with a unique and attractive appearance. In addition to its appearance, this transparent WA has features that are not much different from other WA Mods, of course it is better and more complete than the official WhatsApp.

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