Download Telegram For Desktop (PC Or Laptop)

By nagib

PUBLISHED 7:03 am GMT+0700 Sat February 2021

Telegram is a message exchange application that has started to be looked at by many users lately. Or rather after its competing application, WhatsApp is trying to issue new privacy rules which many loyal users have opposed and decided to switch to other apps, one of them Telegram.

Since the emergence of this news, not a few WhatsApp users have switched to downloading telegrams on their gadgets.

Telegram itself has basically gained popularity a few years ago. Unfortunately, the popularity of telegram at that time was easily conquered by WhatsApp.

And only recently, Telegram has again received a lot of attention from the public and former WhatsApp users.

Based on several sources, Telegram itself is considered to have a lighter storage size than WhatsApp, or in short this telegram does not eat too much of our gadget’s memory. This is certainly an additional positive value for Telegram to attract many new users.

Not inferior to WhatsApp, Telegram also allows its users to send messages via smartphone or via laptop / PC. How to download telegram via a laptop or PC is also very easy and practical.

How to Download Telegram via PC or Laptop

Download Telegram On Computer

If you want to know how to download telegram via a PC or laptop, you can listen to the following tutorial!

  1. Open the official telegram site via a laptop browser or simply click the following link:
  2. Then click the “download telegram” menu on the monitor screen
  3. Next, you can choose which menu matches your laptop / PC, whether Windows or Mac
  4. Wait for the download to finish, then you can immediately install the application on your laptop

Simply use the Telegram on web

Use Telegram Web PC

If you don’t really like installing additional applications on your computer, you can also use the web version of telegram without having to download the telegram for desktop.

Just sign in using your phone number to directly use Telegram on your computer’s browser.

It’s also easy, you only need to access the Telegram site, then sign up if you don’t have an account, and you can immediately sign in if you already have a registered account. Hopefully this review helps!

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