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Download GB WhatsApp Pro V19 Latest Update Anti Banned

We will provide a review of GB WhatsApp Pro V15 along with the download link for you to use for free. And to find out in more detail, please see the explanation below.

Being a popular application, WhatsApp is loved by various groups for communication needs. How to use Whatsapp is very easy, and you can install it via Google Playstore or app store.

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Until now, the number of WhatsApp fans is increasing, and has been downloaded by up to 5 billion users around the world. There are so many cool features that you can get in WhatsApp.

However, some users feel less interested in some of the features provided by the application. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of them use Whatsapp mods or modifications.

Until now, there have been lots of WA mod applications that you can use, and they have different advantages and disadvantages. You can freely define it for later use.

Talking about the WA mod, we recommend GB Whatsapp which has reached its latest version, V15. You can use it directly, so if you are curious, please refer to the explanation as follows.


About GB WhatsApp Pro

GB WhatsApp Pro V19 is the latest update from the previous version of GB WhatsApp. Of course, there are lots of updates that you can get in the application to make it easier for you to communicate with each other.

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With this Wa mod, you can get various advanced features that are not easy for you to get in the original version. So, don’t be surprised if WhatsApp mod is more sought after when compared to the original version.


Among other types of wa mods, GB Whatsapp is the best choice that is widely used by users. The reason is, even though it is made by a third party, in fact the server used is the same as the original version.

There are so many choices of features that can be used to make it easier for you to communicate, all the available features you can use for free. And to know more details about the application. Please see the explanation as follows.

App Name GBWhatsApp APK
Version Latest Version (v19.32.0)
Size 48.4 MB
Total Downloads 6,000,000+
Requirement Android 4.0.3 and higher
Last Updated 1 day ago

Download GBWhatsApp APK v19.32.0 (By HeyMods)

Features of GB WhatsApp Pro V19

Updated this time, there are lots of interesting features that you can get for free. So that chatting activities become even more exciting than before. Therefore, before using this application, please see what features are available in GB WA pro 15 as follows.

Download Status

And what’s even more interesting if this mod application makes it easy for you to be able to download other people’s whatsapp statuses, both in the form of text, photos and videos. You can’t get this interesting feature in the original version, and you can download any status that you think is cool for you to try.


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GB WhatsApp also makes it easy for you to use all the available fonts. The reason is, in this wa mod, it offers a lot of fonts to be used freely. So, for those of you who like to change fonts, make sure to download GB wa now.

Anti Banned

Of course gb wa is equipped with an anti-ban feature, so you don’t need to hesitate anymore to use it. Basically all types of wa mods have this feature. So that users can access it without worrying about being banned by the original Wa.

Hide Online Status

Maybe for some wa users, they are disturbed by the online status on whatsapp. Sure enough, when you access WhatsApp on your phone, the online status will appear and indicate that you are active. But, by using this GB wa you can hide your online status easily if you don’t want to be disturbed by other users.

Sending Files

Just like the original whatsapp, in this application you can send a large number of files with one send. If in the original version you can send images of only 30 photos, but in GB wa this allows you to be able to send photos of up to 90 files at once in one send. That way, you can save more time.


You can get various choices of stickers on GB wa to express the contents of the chat so that it is more colorful. Actually, in wa original also provides a lot of various stickers for you to use. However, the number of stickers on GB wa is no less for you to download for free.

Of course, there are still many other advantageous features that you can find in the application, therefore, to find out directly, make sure to download GB WA V15 below.

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Download GB WhatsApp Pro V19 Apk

In this latest version, many GB WhatsApp users are interested and want to try using it directly. Therefore, we will share the download link so you can try to install it for free.

GB wa has very diverse advantages and is one of the best wa mods that you can try to use. And if you can’t wait to try using GB WhatsApp pro v19, please download the application right now.


How To Install GB WhatsApp Pro V19 Apk

The process of installing the latest GB wa is the same as any other wa mod, you can finish it quickly and if you are still confused, please see the full explanation below.

  • The first step, please download GB WhatsApp Pro V19 APK just by pressing the download button above
  • After that, open Settings or Settings on your device
  • If so, select the Security & Privacy option, and check the Unknown sources section
  • Next, go to the storage folder and find the downloaded APK file earlier
  • Please click install
  • Wait for the process to finish
  • Finished

After all the processes have been completed, you can already use the application. Get many interesting features and will make it easier for you when communicating later.

Main Conclusion

Maybe that’s all we can say about GB WhatsApp Pro V15 for you to use right now, please download and install the application directly in this article and get many interesting features to make it easier for you to communicate later. Hopefully useful, thank you so much.

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