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Do Not Be Surprised! Whatsapp Web Can Still Be Used Even If The Cellphone Is Off

WhatsApp added a new feature that allows users to stay connected using the Web version even if the main phone is off. This is through a feature called Multidevice, making one account can be used on several devices outside the user’s smartphone.

This is different from the previous ability. Because users still have to be connected to the main cellphone when they want to use WhatsApp on devices such as laptops.

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With Multidevice, WhatsApp can be used even if the main device is off or inactive. One account can be used on four non-phone devices at once.

“With this new capability you can now use WhatsApp on your phone and up to four other non-phone devices at the same time, even if your phone’s battery dies,” says Facebook’s Engineering page.

For security and privacy, the company ensures that it continues to use end-to-end encryption. As is known WhatsApp has used this technology in previous platforms.

Previously, Multidevice was available in beta. However, the WaBetaInfo report some time ago said WhatsApp is going to launch Multidevice for all users in the near future.


In addition, the update also makes access to features better. For example, connecting accounts is much faster while maintaining optimal security against hacking, says WaBetaInfo.

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The organization of messages will also be improved and a number of chats can be downloaded as long as the device is connected.


But for the record there are a number of feature capabilities that are not available on all devices. For example, you can’t access preview links or stickers on WhatsApp Web.

To enable this feature, open the WhatsApp application and enter the options menu. Next click the Linked Devices menu and select the Multidevice Menu and click join now.

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