5 Ways Dealing With WhatsApp Cannot Open Pictures And Videos

By nagib

PUBLISHED 1:45 pm GMT+0700 Sun April 2021

WhatsApp is not only a medium for conversations via text, but now we also use it to send messages in the form of images and videos. Maybe it’s because WhatsApp is so light and fast therefore we like it.

When receiving messages in the form of pictures and videos, sometimes we can’t open them, even though the signal and internet network are in good condition.

Videos and pictures cannot be opened when clicked and it continues like that even though we restart the phone, relaunch WhatsApp or even restarting modem and changing the internet connection.

What caused the problem? And how to solve it?

In this post IsTalkingTech.com will try to share some solutions that can be tried so that images and videos on WhatsApp can be reopened.

1. Reset internet connection

One of the reasons why picture and video messages on WhatsApp cannot be opened is a problem with the internet connection. Sometimes the signal looks good (full) but the internet connection on the cellphone gets stuck without us knowing it, this often happens to several brands of cellphones.

This congested internet connection will make all picture messages, photos, gifs, and videos unopened. The download process always fails every time we click on the image or video.

The only easiest way to solve this problem is to reset the internet connection. To reset the internet connection on an Android phone, there are several ways we can do.

1. Use airplane mode


  • Drag the notification bar
  • Press airplane mode
  • Wait for airplane mode to activate and all signals are off
  • Disable airplane mode
  • Wait until all signals return to normal, after that the internet connection will restart and we get a new public IP.

2. Using the code * # * # 4636 # * # *


  • Open the dial pad
  • Press code*#*#4636#*#*
  • Choose Phone information 1 or 2 depending on which SIM is used for the internet
  • Pull down until you find the Mobile Radio Power option then press once to Off
  • Wait a moment until the SIM signal turns off
  • After that, turn on Mobile Radio Power again

2. Restart smartphone

The second way to solve WhatsApp not being able to open photos and videos is to restart the cellphone. This is the simplest way that sometimes it actually works to solve various kinds of errors on an Android cellphone.

It is possible that a program is conflicting or corrupt, causing WhatsApp to have problems. By restarting the cellphone, all programs on our cellphone will be reloaded, including WhatsApp. This might solve the problem.

Try restarting the cellphone first and then try opening the images, photos, videos, or gifs in the WA message again, is it possible?

If you still can’t, try the next solution below.

3. Update the WhatsApp application

An outdated WhatsApp application can also cause errors. If the WA version installed on our cellphone is lagging far behind the latest version at this time, maybe it’s time to update.

Just open the Playstore and go to the My app & games section> search for WhatsApp> press Update. Wait for the update process to complete.

Doing this WhatsApp update will not eliminate the chat and media on our account, so take it easy. After the update is complete, try running WhatsApp again and opening the photo or video file that couldn’t be opened earlier. If the cause is due to an outdated application, this method should be a solution.

4. Free space for internal memory

By default WhatsApp will download the photo or video that we click on to the internal memory. When the internal memory is full or there is not enough free space to accommodate the media files from WhatsApp, the download process will fail.

The solution is to first check whether the internal memory on our cellphone still has free space or not. If it is full then this is the source of the problem.

Try deleting some unnecessary files first or transferring them to external memory first. You can also clean up junk files that make your internal memory full using a cleaner application.

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Once there is free space in the internal memory, try opening WhatsApp again and clicking on the photo or video that couldn’t be opened earlier. Hopefully it works.

5. Clean the thumbnail cache in the gallery

The next tip for overcoming WhatsApp that can’t download or open photos and videos is to clean the thumbnail cache files in the gallery.

This cache file will always be generated automatically by the Android system to speed up the process of opening photos. If it hasn’t been cleaned for too long, it could be that some of it is corrupt and causes the gallery to not function properly. This may prevent photos and videos on WhatsApp from being downloaded.

The solution is to clean it using a cleaner application. We can use a third-party cleaner application on the Playstore or use a built-in cleaner from the cellphone. Usually this cleaner menu is in Settings> Security> Storage> Clean.

After the cache is cleared try again to open photos and videos on WhatsApp, has it worked?

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